​How to close Holden Astra Convertible roof manually

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How to close Holden Astra Convertible roof manually

Manufactured between 2001 and 2006, the Holden Astra Convertible is one of the most popular soft-top cars in Australia. There are still a lot of them on the road in Australia which is a testament not just to their popularity but also their reliability. Unfortunately the hydraulic hoses used in the roof retract mechanism are a massive weak point and prone to failure. The plastic outer cover deteriorates over time and flakes off which causes the crimped hose end to 'blow-out' from the fitting. When this happens the roof will not be able to extend or retract beyond it's current point and will result in oil being pumped out of the system if the retract/extend switch continues to be operated. Closing the roof manually until the hose can be repaired is the best outcome in the event of failure and is a very straightforward if not a little frustrating process which we have detailed below.

What you will need:
  • 1 x 4mm Allen Key
  • Patience & deep breathes

  1. Wind windows all of the way down.
  2. Remove Keys from ignition.
  3. Near the top centre of the windscreen is a small hole; insert allen key and rotate clockwise until closed.
You will need to be patient as this can be a very tedious process especially if the failure has occurred when the roof is fully down. Take deep breaths and be persistent; it will eventually close and the locking mechanism will engage.

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TAKE A SHORTCUT AND USE AN ELECTRIC DRILL; the mechanism can be fragile and fast operation/too much torque WILL result in failure or damage to the locking mechanism.

Hydraulic.Online takes no responsibility for any damage or losses resulting from following this guide. Please call 07 5571 6155 or email sales@mhfgc.com.au to book your Astra in for hydraulic roof repairs. Please be aware that we are located on the Gold Coast. As we run a 24/7 breakdown service you may need to leave your car with us for 24 hours as we will fit it in around callouts and breakdowns

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