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2.5" Bore Budget Priced AG Hydraulic Cylinder Various Strokes

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Brand: Hydraulic Equipment

These are high-quality double-acting cylinders. Sizes are common AG style, easily interchanged with many other AG ram brands.
This 2.5" bore cylinder has a strong 1.5" diameter rod.
It has dual ports for easy and flexible hose connection options.
These cylinders come with 1" pins and safety lynch pins (clips) at both ends.
(note 1.5" bore cylinders have 3/4 pins and 5" bore cylinders have 1-1/4 pins)

Please see the accompanying photos and charts for
Full dimensions & weights
Maximum forces / pressures that can be applied (under extension and retraction).
As with all cylinders, the longer the stroke, the less force (pressure) that can safely be applied during extension.

For Example
AG 2512-150 (2.5 bore, 12 inch stroke, and 1.5 inch rod) can push 6.6 tonnes,
whilst an AG 2548-150 (2.5 bore, 48 inch stroke, and 1.5 inch rod) can only safely push 1.4 tonnes.
Please see the maximum force chart in the photos.

Single Acting Use
If the intended use is for Single acting setup we highly recommend the following,
To assist in preventing the ingress of contamination we recommend at a minimum
the installation of a breather plug into the air side cylinder port.
Connecting a hose from the air/breather side back to the oil reservoir can further increase cylinder life.

The warranty is 12 months. (our Australian made cylinders have 2 Year warranty, see listing below)

Australian Made 2.5 inch bore cylinders with 2 year warranty

Freight; These can be shiped from either Qld or NSW (depending on stock on hand).
Please call 07 5563 1982 for a freight quote or email us at

Hydraulic Cylinder Features

  • Dual ports for flexibility of installation.
  • Durable "Hallite" seals for long life and are suitable for both single and double-acting operations.
  • Screwed S.G. cast iron gland and one-piece piston for long life.
  • The gland nut has spanner slots and a piston retained with "nyloc" nut for ease of service.
  • The honed barrel has a 0.25” (6mm) wall thickness on all bore sizes giving structural strength.
  • K1045 cast steel rod clevis secured to piston rod by a grub screw with nylon insert and LOCTITE ®243™.
  • One-piece K1045 cast steel base end cap allows easy modification for special mounts.
  • K1045 Zinc plated 1" clevis pins with safety lynch pin for added security at each end.

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