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20m Coil GATES MXT Wire Braid Hose SAE 100R16 1/4", 3/8", & 1/2"

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Product Details
20-meter coil of Gates MXT Wire Braided Hose designation SAE 100R16.

MXT is the Very Latest in Premium Hydraulic Hose Technology from GATES.

Meets and or exceeds the working pressures and bend radius of

SAE100R2, SAE 100R17, SAE100R19, EN853-2SN and EN857-2SC

First the facts!
GATES MXT wire Braid Hydraulic Hose ticks ✅ all the boxes.
  • Compact Size ✅
  • Light in Weight ✅
  • High Working Pressures ✅
  • Flexible for Easy Installation ✅
  • Durability and Reliability ✅

MXT's Best Features and Benefits.
  • MXT's Best features are its
  • Amazingly Small Bend Radius,
  • Outstanding Pressure Resistance,
  • (up to 6,000 psi for 1/4" 4MXT and up to 3,125 psi for 3/4" 12MXT)
  • Light Weight,
  • Compact Size and
  • a 40% lower bending resistance.
  • #This MXT hose can only be used with the "Gates One Piece Megacrimp" hose tails. Re usables, or regular two piece crimp ons are not suitable. We do carry one piece hosetails to suit. Please send us sizes required for pricing.
  • Please See Specification Chart below for full details
  • This results in the following benefits
  • Faster and Easier installation of multiple hose assemblies especially during....
  • Manufacturing, If you are designing or building a new hydraulic machine and size a weight are important to you then you should seriously consider gates MXT Hydraulic Hoses in your design brief and build.

  • Repairs and maintenance, Pulling a new Gates MXT hose through a machine that has been in service for a few thousand hours will be much easier because it will be smaller and more flexible than the hose it replaced.

  • MXT Hose Conforms to MDG41 requirements.
  • MXT Hose Achieves the requirements of FRAS (Fire Resistance Anti Static) as well as
  • MSHA (Mine Safety Health Administration) requirements.

Made for work at "Truly" High Pressures

(up to 6,000 psi for 1/4" 4MXT and up to 3,125 psi for 3/4" 12MXT)

GATES MXT hose has passed intensive Impulse Testing of 3 times the industry standard, that's over 600,000 pressure cycles at 130% of max working pressure!

Available in 20-meter coils in the following internal bore sizes.

1/4", 3/8", 1/2" & 3/4"

(also available in 10m rolls, 50m reels, and 100 meter reels)


GATES 4MXT 1/4 6.35 14.48 6,000 408 24,000 1,633 38 0.29
GATES 6MXT 3/8 9.53 17.15 4,800 327 19,200 1,306 64 0.35
GATES 8MXT 1/2 12.7 20.19 4,000 272 16,000 1,088 70 0.42
GATES 12MXT 3/4 19.05 27.43 3,125 213 12,500 850 121 0.65

GATES MXT WIRE BRAID HOSE is available in the following common Hose Bore Sizes

These are as follows below,

  • 4MXT SAE 100 R16 1/4" DN6,
  • 6MXT SAE 100 R16 3/8" DN10,
  • 8MXT SAE 100 R16 1/2" DN12,
  • 12MXT SAE 100 R16 3/4" DN19


Synthetic rubber "NITRILE" inner tube with ONE layer of special high density braided steel wire reinforcement and a Smooth Outer cover of Sythetic Rubber that is Oil, Ozone, weather and abrasion resistant.

High-pressure applications that require a "Topnotch Hose" that has extreme flexibility, a compact size, and is lighter than anything else out there. Good for the following products, petroleum base hydraulic fluids, water, Air, Water-glycol, water-oil, fire-resistant hydraulic fluids, hot oil, grease, lubricants, crude and fuel oils.

please note: For compressed air applications above 100 PSI the cover should be pin pricked.

Need another hose type or size?, field fit reusable fittings couplers and or adaptors for your application?

For More Info, Just Contact us on (07) 5563 1982 (07) 5571 6155.

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