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4 Button Radio Remote Control Bandit Wood Chipper

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Bandit or Vermeer Wood Chipper 4 Button Radio Remote Control Kit with Transmitter and Receiver in Waterproof Enclosure.
This Four (4) button Radio remote control unit is designed for Bandit or Vermeer Wood Chippers without winch control. This unit will save you fuel, will probably eliminate an operator, improve your efficiency and pay for itself in only a few weeks.
Installation service is also available at our Gold Coast service center in QLD call (07) 5563 1982 to make a booking.
Watch and listen to what a recent client has to say about the remote control unit on his Bandit Wood Chipper.
Winch control is available as a very reasonable cost-plus option.
Four buttons will give the following remote control of your Bandit Wood Chipper.
Button 1 Engine Accelerate Speed / Power UP.
Button 2 Engine Decelerate Speed / Power DOWN
Button 3 Press once and Feed will Start and Stay On Automatic, Press Again and Feed Will Stop.
Button 4 Momentary Reverse of feed (press the button and whatever direction the feed are in it will reverse feed direction) good for clearing jams or heavy loads and or emergency situations.
Optional Buttons 5 and 6 Winch Control In / Out can be Latched or Unlatched.
Video of Installation and Testing of Radio Remote Control.

These are quality, weather-resistant remote control units, and can also be used on trucks, tilt trays, cranes, or other mobile machinery such as stump grinders, compactors, or skip bin trucks.
This model can be modified for Multipurpose or Universal fit.
The remote receiving unit simply needs power, 12v or 24 volts. You receive a transmitter/receiver box, with a wiring loom plus the 8-button weatherproof remote unit.
It comes with comprehensive instructions for fitting & setting up. Unlike other remote control units, replacement remotes are available at a reasonable cost if you ever run one over, forget and leave behind on a job or just lose it.
The remote has a 60-meter transmit range.
Approved for Australia and New Zealand the 915MHz signal uses frequency hopping, which means that multiple transmitters are to be used in close proximity to each other without interference or jamming.
Frequency Hoppings is a technology that is usually only found on expensive equipment and or military applications.
This feature makes it an ideal choice for commercial and or industrial applications.
Please note, your remote control system will require some sort of electric switch, relay or solenoid coils to actuate the functions or valves you want to remotely control.
These "solenoid coils, switches, or relays" are what your new remote control will connect to.
The receiver has the advantage of being easily customizable. Using basic 'dip' switches inside, you are able to 'latch' certain buttons to stay on until pressed off again, etc.
Comes standard, with a wiring loom to run a 4-button remote but we can wire up 6, 8 or 10 buttons and functions for $50 extra per pair you can also retrofit the extra wires at a later stage "down the track'.
It is recommended a 5 amp fuse be installed on the power lead to the receiver.
Try and mount the receiver in a dry area. The range will still work well if mounted in your Cab!
The Handheld 4-button transmitter has a Silicone case for extra water resistance, however, please be aware that it is not 100 % waterproof the Receiver is in a waterproof case the transmitter is not.
Replacement Handpieces are 'Off the shelf' from $150

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