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56 Piece METRIC Light (L) Plugs and Caps Kit with Strong Case

CP Metric Light
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Product Details

56-piece METRIC Light (L) Plugs and Caps Kit.

Listen up, if you're a spanners-and-grease kinda fella workin' on Euro gear, this 56-piece Metric Light (L) Plugs and Caps Kit is your new best mate. It's like a trusty toolbox full of stoppers for all your hydraulic hoses and pipes, keepin' the oil in and the nasties out.

Here's the lowdown:

56 stoppers: Heaps of different sizes (12mm to 36mm) to fit most Euro hoses, from Hiab cranes to Volvo diggers. No more huntin' around for the right size!

Leak-proof seals: All the female caps have a nifty nitrile O-ring for a snug fit, stoppin' leaks before they start. No more oil slicks on your boots!

Impact-resistant case: This ain't your flimsy plastic job. This case is built tough to handle a knock or two in the workshop
(or on the back of the ute).

Bonus microfibre towel: Keep your mitts clean and your kit lookin' spick and span.

But wait, there's more! You can bulk up your kit with other optional bits and pieces like:

Heavy-duty stoppers: If you're workin' with high-pressure hoses, these beefy fellas are your go-to.

Got gear from the US or the UK?: We've got those kits too! JIC, BSP, ORFS.
Spare case: Need a place to stash all your extra stoppers? This empty case is just the ticket.

All this for $234.20, order now while stocks last and be the envy of all your mates!

Still got questions? No worries, cobber! Give us a shout on (07) 5563 1982, or drop us an email.
We're always happy to help a fellow tradie out.

So, what are you waitin' for? Grab this kit and keep your Euro gear runnin' like a dream!


The Engmattec Team

P.S. Don't forget to check out our other plug kits and custom options! We've got somethin' for everyone.

P.P.S. We reckon this kit would make a top Christmas prezzie for the mechanic in your life. Just sayin'.

For the tech nerds that need more details, read on below!

This Metric Light (L) Plugs Caps Kit is packed in an Impact-resistant plastic case with a Bonus Microfibre Towel.

Using Light Series Metric Plugs and Caps after removing hoses and pipes from European-made
mobile Plant and equipment will ensure that no oil leaks into the machine or onto the ground.

Metric Light Plugs and Caps also help to prevent contaminants such as dirt, dust, Seawater, Rainwater,
and, Sand from entering and damaging your machine's sensitive
and expensive Hydraulic Pumps, Motors, Valves, and Cylinders.

Metric Light Hydraulic Plugs & Caps are essential Repairs and Maintenance items when
working on European Hydraulic equipment.

This is a comprehensive maintenance kit of Metric Light Plugs and Caps.

Please note additional kits added to orders include free Standard Post only.

We have assembled this kit, based on our years of experience working on removing and
replacing hydraulic components, Hoses and Pipes on the following Hydraulic equipment
assembled with Metric Hoses and fittings.

Truck Mounted Cranes such as Hiab Finland, HMF Denmark, Liebherr Germany,
Palfinger Austria, and Terex Northern Ireland.

Construction Equipment made by Volvo Sweden, Bauer & Wacker Neuson Germany,
Haulotte & Manitou France, Just about every Concrete Boom Pump, and
European Marine Vessels, and Agricultural Equipment from France, Italy, and Spain.

And the ever-increasing variety of hydraulic equipment arriving from Chinese manufacturers.

We are confident that this kit is both economical and realistic in the number of plugs and caps required.

All the Metric Light Plugs and Caps are packed neatly in a labelled durable oil-resistant plastic case.

Description and Quantities

1 x Plastic Impact and Oil Resistant Parts Case.

Metric Light (L) Caps and Plugs

  • 4 pairs Metric Light Male & Female 12 mm x 6 (L)
  • 4 pairs Metric Light Male & Female 14 mm x 8 (L)
  • 4 pairs Metric Light Male & Female 16 mm x 10 (L)
  • 4 pairs Metric Light Male & Female 18 mm x 12 (L)
  • 4 pairs Metric Light Male & Female 22 mm x 15 (L)
  • 4 pairs Metric Light Male & Female 26 mm x 18 (L)
  • 2 pairs Metric Light Male & Female 30 mm x 22 (L)
  • 2 pairs Metric Light Male & Female 36 mm x 28 (L)
  • 1 x Microfiber Cloth

One Male Plug & One Female Cap = One Pair

Material of Construction of plugs and caps = Zinc Plated Cold Drawn Steel

All Female Caps Have Nitrile O Ring for a leak-free seal.

Other Plug Kits also available please see below.

  • Metric Heavy
  • JIC
  • BSP
  • ORFS
  • Code 61 & 62 Flange

Other Custom Options are also available please click here to email us and send us a message with any questions you may have.

Or to Speak to one of our friendly team on the phone +61 Australia (07) 5563 1982 Monday to Friday 8 AM to 4 PM QLD Time.

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