92 Piece JIC Cap and Plug Kit 7 Sizes #4 5 6 8 10 12 16, 37° Tapered Seat Packed in a Strong Plastic Case with Adjustable Partitions Bonus N9"O" Rings and Microfiber Cloth

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92 Piece Hydraulic maintenance kit of assorted JIC Plugs Caps and O Rings.

  • Sizes Dash 04 to 16

Description and Quantities:

  • JIC Steel Plug Cap and N9 O Ring Kit One Pair =One Male Plug & One Female Cap
  • * 4 Pairs 7/16 inch -07, Dash 4 + 4 O N9 O rings
  • * 4 Pairs 1/2 inch -08 Dash 5 + 4 N9 O rings
  • * 6 Pairs 9/16 inch -09, Dash 6 + 6 N9 O rings
  • * 6 Pairs 3/4 inch -12, Dash 8 + 6 N9 O rings
  • * 4 Pairs 7/8 inch -14, Dash 10 + 6 N9 O rings
  • * 4 Pairs 1-1/16 inch -17, Dash 12 + 4 N9 O rings
  • * 2 Pairs 1-5/16 inch -21, Dash 16 + 2 N9 O rings

How To USe:

  • Screw into or onto JIC Hose Ends to stop oil leaks during Machinery Breakdowns and Maintenance
  • Nitrile O Rings will Convert Male Plugs into low pressure UNO Port Plugs for Pumps Valves and Motors
  • Screw into Pumps Valves and Motors with UNO Ports to Keep Oil In and Dirt Sand Snow and Water Out
  • Larger Stronger Impact Resistant Plastic Case Removable Partitions with lots of Room for More Parts
  • Ideal for High pressure Fuel and Fluid Power Applications Pressures up to 10,000 PSI
  • Add an O ring to the neck of a male Plug to convert it into a temporary low pressure UNO Port Plug or bung, this will keep oil in and contaminants out of expensive pumps, motors, valves and cylinders during storage or transportation.


Use these plugs and caps when:

  • You want to prevent oil leaks when disconnecting and removing hydraulic hoses and pipes from a machine.
  • Carrying out Hydraulic Repairs to Marine Vessels, Earth movers, Tow Trucks, Tippers, Tilt Trays and Drill Rigs.
  • It is essential to prevent contaminants such as dirt, dust and rain water from entering your machine’s sensitive hydraulic Pumps, Motors, Valves and Cylinders.
  • You need to keep a new hydraulic hose contaminant free as you push or pull it through a dirty machine.

We have prepared this kit based on our years of experience working on all types of hydraulic equipment and are confident it is both economical and realistic in the quantity of Plugs Caps and O rings required for most Hydraulic breakdowns and repairs.

Packed neatly in a large Plastic Parts Case with removable and adjustable partitions the parts case has lots of spare room for additional plugs caps as well as other adaptors.

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