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BSP Reusable Hydraulic Hose Fitting 90° Elbows Compact or Swept.

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BSP Field Fit Reusable 90° two-piece Hydraulic Hose Fitting ENGMATTEC
Repair your own hydraulic hoses in the field! 90° Hosetails BSP Female Swept Bend Or Compact
Field Fit Hydraulic Hose fittings are a two-piece assembly made from Zinc coated Steel designed to be used on most one or two-wire SAE-rated hydraulic hoses. Using basic hand tools and following a simple assembly procedure the 2 pieces are screwed onto and into a Hydraulic Hose. When fully assembled, the connection is rated to work safely up to the full pressure rating of the hose. Designed to repair damaged Hydraulic Hoses or to be used in new Hydraulic Hose assemblies, without using expensive equipment
Please note. There is not enough height clearance for a compact 90° to fit 'under' a swept 90° in any of the sizes. ie on a valve bank, you will need an adapter, to give a clearance height.
1/4", 3/8", 1/2" hose tails to 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" male and Female BSP thread type. The price is for one hose tail & one ferrule.
Made from zinc-plated steel, DIY cost-effective design can be assembled with simple hand tools onto two wire hydraulic hoses manufactured to SAE 100R2 Specifications.
Option at no extra cost field fit body to suit SAE 100R1- Hose.
Each order comes with easy-to-follow assembly instructions.

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