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COX 12 Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter the Beast of the Bush

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Cox 12 Tonne Log Splitter: The Beast of the Bush.

Would you like to Crack and Split Aussie Hardwood like Blackbutt, Ironbark, and Gumby like a hot knife through butter?
Then chuck the axe and grab yourself a Cox 12 Tonne Log Splitter, the ultimate weapon in any rural property's arsenal.

Built tough for the toughest jobs:

  • 12 Tons of splitting force: This ain't your city slicker's log splitter. This bad boy tackles even the gnarliest logs with ease, turning firewood prep from a chore into a chin-scratchin' good time.
  • COX Power Engine: Forget dodgy Chinese knock-offs. This Aussie designed air cooled 4 stroke petrol engine is a true blue workhorse, purring like a Mack truck and churning out enough grunt to split logs like nobody's business.
  • 2 Stage Pump from Bucher Hydraulics: Top-notch gear from Europe, built to last and backed by a bloody good warranty. No leaks, no breakdowns, just smooth, powerful splitting action.

Work smarter, not harder:

  • 8.6 second cycle time: Get more firewood stacked with less time sweating like a bull in a bog.
    This splitter's a speed demon, churning out kindling faster than you can say "Barbie."
  • Semi-automatic retract: No more bending over like a busted billy. One flick of the lever and the ram shoots back, ready for the next log.
  • Hardened steel wedges: Split, quarter, or dice your firewood with ease. These wedges handle anything you throw at them, from spindly gum twigs to knotted old gum trees.

Built for the bush:

  • Heavy-duty steel construction: This splitter is built to withstand the harshest Aussie conditions. Throw it in the back of the ute, let it rattle over rocks, and it'll keep on splittin' like a champion.
  • Puncture-proof tyres: No more wrestling with flat tyres in the middle of nowhere. These 10-inch monsters roll over anything and keep on truckin'.
  • Easy-fill oil reservoir: Keep your splitter juiced up with a quick top-up. No need for fancy funnels or contortionist skills.

More than just firewood:

  • Land clearing: Got a pile of brushwood after a storm? This splitter will turn it into kindling in no time.
  • Saving time and energy: Ditch the axe and the chainsaw. This splitter will do the hard work for you, so you can spend more time crackin' a coldie with your mates.

Sure, there might be cheaper splitters out there, but they're like a Galah in a ute tray – all noise and no go.
Invest in a Cox 12 Tonne and get the job done right. You won't regret it.

So go on, chuck another log on the fire and crack open a stubbie. With the Cox 12 Tonne Log Splitter, firewood season just got a whole lot easier. More Serious Technical Stuff Follows Below

P.S. Don't forget to check out the video below to see this beast in action!

Call us today on 1300 1 HOSES, 1300 146 737 or on 07 5563 1982 to order your Cox 12 Tonne Log Splitter and start splitting like a champion!

More Serious Technical Stuff Follows Below

Hydraulic Online has Teamed up with legendary Aussie Company COX Power to bring you the newly developed and updated 2024 12 T 1/2 Beam Petrol Engined Hydraulic Log Splitter.

The updated 2024 COX 12 T 1/2 Beam Hydraulic Log Splitter is Engineered and Built to Last. It is constructed with a Genuine Quick Start COX 196 cc 6.5 hp 4 Stroke Over Head Valve Petrol Engine that drives a Bucher Hydraulics 2 stage (2 Speed) Aluminium Alloy Hydraulic Gear Pump and Special Log Splitter Valve to achieve an 8.6 Second Cycle Time.

This model is available for immediate dispatch from our Gold Coast Service Centre, please note about 1.5 hours of assembly is required.
But right now we have a fully assembled and tested 12 Ton Log splitter ready for pick up with all fuel and oils from our Gold Coast warehouse.

Owning a Cox Professional Log Splitter means more than just effortless firewood.
It's about Saving time and energy:
Ditch the manual labour and enjoy more time for the things you love.
Like ...watching your wife and teenagers have a go on the easy-to-use Log Splitter while you enjoy a beer!

Now please be aware that there are "similar" looking and cheaper Hydraulic log Splitters on the market but none of them use the same high-spec, user-friendly and reliable components that this COX Power Hydraulic Log splitter uses.
Want to know more about its features? Read on below

or watch our 2 minute video below, if not click or swipe away now.

The easy Start 6.5 HP engine drives a Bucher Hydraulics 2 Stage (2 Speed) Hydraulic Gear Pump giving you faster Cycles times because It delivers high power when you need it for splitting tough logs, and speed when retracting and then extending to meet the next log, this gives you improved productivity and efficiency.

Made from Aluminium Alloy this 2 Stage (2 Speed) Gear Pump flows up to 11.5 lt/min of Hydraulic oil at 3,800 rpm at a maximum pressure of 3,500 psi (230 bar)

This innovative pump delivers two modes for conquering any log:
High-speed, low-pressure stage:
This kicks in on the initial stroke, letting you quickly position the Push Plate and Log onto the wedge. No more wasting time!

Low-flow, high-pressure stage:
As the pressure builds, the pump seamlessly switches gears, unleashing the full 12 tons of splitting force to crack even the toughest logs with ease.

And the control?
It's as smooth as butter thanks to the sophisticated log splitter valve.
This valve boasts a semi-automatic cylinder retract function, meaning a simple lever switch is all it takes for the Log pusher plate to return automatically after each split.

The 12 Ton 1/2 Beam Hydraulic Log splitter is fitted with a fully welded 160 mm long "Hardened" Steel wedge that will effortlessly divide and or quarter your tough wood chunks, branch crotches, end cuts, and firewood logs, all within an 8.6 second cycle time.

It does not matter what species of tree your logs come from, be it from Blackbutt, Bloodwood, Brush Box, Flooded, Forest, Grey, or Spotted Gum, Ironbark, Moreton Bay Ash, Queensland Peppermint, Smooth barked apple or Stringybark, Tallowwood, or Turpentine the COX 12 T 1/2 Beam Log Splitter has you covered.

Watch the Video below and see how quickly and what the COX 12T 1/2 Beam
Hydraulic Log Splitter can do for you.

Advanced Quality Features of the COX 12T 1/2 Beam Hydraulic Log Splitter
  • Fits logs up to 508 mm (20 inches) long
  • Left and Right Log cradles to hold and prevent your logs from rolling off the beam.
  • Single Spool manually actuated log splitter valve with a clever Semi-automatic cylinder retract function
  • Powerful Genuine 6.5HP COX 196cc 4-stroke Over Head Valve petrol Engine with spark arrestor and EPA-compliant.
  • Capability to split the majority of Australian hard and of course all soft woods.
  • The Bucher Hydraulics Aluminium Alloy 2 Stage Gear Pump delivers faster cycle times, because It delivers high power when you need it for splitting tough logs, and speed when retracting and extending to meet the next log, this gives you improved productivity and efficiency.
  • Maximum Hydraulic oil Pressure of 3,500 psi (230 bar) for virtually unstoppable Splitting power
  • Heavy Duty Industrial Grade Hydraulic Cylinder with a 3 inch (75 mm) Bore and 19 inch (483 mm) Stroke
  • 4,000 PSI Two Wire High pressure Hydraulic Oil Delivery hoses fitted with protective and abrasion resistant Textile Burst Sleeve
  • 2 sets of Fully welded 160 mm and 180 mm Hardened Steel wedges, for effortless splitting and or quartering your logs
  • Continuous splitting power of 12 tons for quickly getting your winter fireplace and BBQ wood stocks ready
  • Fully welded Steel Construction ensures durability and lifelong reliability.
  • The Strong fully welded 120 x 120 mm Horizontal Steel Frame doubles up as an 8 litre hydraulic oil reservoir.
  • Large and Easy to fill oil reservoir filling neck with breather cap
  • Sight glass on the side of the hydraulic oil tank for quickly checking oil level.
  • 200mm (10 inch) diameter puncture-proof tyres means no pumping up and no air pressure checks... ever!
  • Twin ball bearings in each wheel hub
  • Strong lifting handle ensures that a single person can pick up the front of the log splitter and push or pull it to a new location.

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