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COX CP15T 7.5 hp Fire Pump - 15,000 Lt/Hr, 75m Head Lift, 4-Year Warranty!

Cox CP15T
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Ditch the Drudgery, Embrace the "Aussie Grit"! Your Fire Fighting Water Pumping Hero Has Arrived!

Pump Up the Fun: COX Power CP15T - a and Fire fighting Champion, Floodwater Pumping mate, Farm Friend, and Agricultural Irrigation beast:

Dry Weather got you worried? or just Sick of feeling soggy because the rain got you rooted to the couch? Well, mates, it's time to fight back!
Introducing the 7.5 Horsepower COX CP15T Fire Pump, your weapon of choice against water woes, guaranteed to turn that frown upside down quicker than a barbie snag on a hot day.

This ain't no flimsy garden hose, this is the real deal. This bad boy boasts a twin-impeller punch, pumping a whopping 15,000 liters per hour and with a head lift of 75 meters, it'll launch water higher than a kook on a Bondi wave!

What can this Aussie legend do for you?

  • Firefighter Fanatic: Blaze got you rattled? No worries! This pump's got your back (and your house!).
  • Ag-tastic Aid: Need to get your crops hydrated? This beauty's got the flow to keep 'em green and keen.
  • Conquering Construction: Dust got you down? Concrete woes? This pump's the dust-busting, mixing master you need!
  • Flood Fighter: Flooded feeling blue? This pump's your Noah's Ark, sending floodwaters packing faster than a politician after a gaffe!
  • Industrial Hero: Emergency showers malfunctioning? Don't sweat it! This pump's got your back (and your eyes!) for industrial safety.

Built tough like a true Aussie battler, this pump boasts:

  • Rock-solid engine: Runs like a dream, even after a long dusty day battling the elements.
  • Cast Iron Sleeved Bore: Tougher than Cliff Young's marathon gumboots, built to last a lifetime.
  • 4-year warranty: No worries, mate! We got your back, guaranteed.
  • Easy maintenance: Need Some Spare Parts we'll sort you out quicker than a magpie after a chip.

So, what are you waiting for? Ditch the dry or soggy blues and say g'day to the COX Power CP15T Fire Pump!
It's time to reclaim your Aussie spirit and send those Brown and Dry worries packin'!

P.S. Don't forget to slip, slop, slap, and grab a snag while you're at it!

P.P.S. We also accept payment in slabs...., slabs of Solo or Coke that is (just kidding.).

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