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Digital Pressure Gauge Test Kit 0-700bar 10,000 Psi with Adapters

Skon Digi Kit
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SKON Digital 0 - 700 bar bottom entry Pressure Gauge Test Kit
0 - 100 bar & 0 - 400 bar digital gauges are also available at no extra cost on request
Displays pressure in PSI, BAR, KG/Cm2, MPA
This gauge fulfills the safety requirements of German Standards EN 837-1/S2.
Made in Taiwan this digital 0 - 700 BAR pressure gauge with a 1/4" BSPP Stem comes with a certificate of calibration and accuracy to ensure out-of-the-box functionality.
Using the adapters allows instant accurate pressure reading simply by attaching to standard test ports found on most hydraulic machinery, excavators, Loaders, tractors, etc.
It is an essential tool for any heavy equipment owner or mechanic.
Kit includes:
700 Bar Digital gauge
Test Hose: Test 20 x 2m
Direct Gauge Connector: 1/4" Male Test 20
Direct Gauge Connector: 1/4" Female Test 20
Test Point: 1/4" BSPP
Test Point: 1/4" 18 NPTF
Test Point: M8x1
Test Point: M14x1.5
Test Point: 7/16" 20 UNF
Reducing Adaptor: M10x1F - M ISO228 G3/8"
Reducing Adaptor: M10x1F - M ISO228 G1/2"
Anti-shock Valve: 90 Deg Entry
Anti-shock Valve: Swivel Direct Entry
Optional Cat flat face female test point
This is a high-quality hydraulic pressure test kit and is ideal for measuring all Oil Water, non
flammable and non-corrosive liquids or gasses.
Comes with an accuracy & calibration certificate.
The kit comes with adapters allowing easy installation to any hydraulic line.
To use these, simply 'plumb' in a Tee fitting somewhere in the line you are testing.
Will fit easily to standard 'test' ports on hydraulic valves, and pumps or can be used anywhere in the hydraulic system to give you a clear diagnosis of actual pressures and or potential problem areas.
If your machine does not have test ports or has unusual ones, we supply two adapters, 1/4"& 1/8"
BSPP adapters.
Additional Information
High precision at ±0.5%
Backlight display; Zero reset; Switching between 4 types of PSI, Bar, kg/cm2, Mpa.
AISI Stainless Steel 17-4PH one-piece-formed sensor, 100% without welds, O-ring, or silicone oil; 100% leakage-proof.
PP casing can be used in weak acid or alkaline environments.
Capable of -10~60°C temperature compensation.
Capable of Peak-Hold.
Burst pressure: 5X
Pressure overload: 2X
Service life: 10 million Cycles
1/4" BSPP
Many other adapter thread types and sizes available on request
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Below is a video demonstration of the equivalent product (Stauff 600 BAR Digital Gauge Kit)

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