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Dingo K94 Fiberglass / Alloy Panels Model Hydraulic Pump

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Hydraulic Tandem Gear Pump suits Dingo K94 Fiberglass Panels Model
This is a quality bolt-on hydraulic tandem gear pump designed to replace the one in your Dingo Dingo K94 Fiberglass Panels Model. This will bolt straight on, & you can reconnect your adapters & hoses. This pump has a Single Suction port & 2 pressure ports. If your machine is running slower than it used, to & is finding it harder to lift heavy loads, there is a big chance your pump is worn, & is allowing oil to bypass when pushed hard.
Length of the pump; 170mm Front of mount face to the back of bolts
This tandem pump is 10cc/4cc. This will suit both panel types K94. The Alloy side cover Dingos actually use a slightly larger 11cc front pump. We have the option of a 12cc/4cc. The bigger pump drives your wheels. Whilst the 12cc will give you a little more ground speed, the 10cc will allow you to traverse steep hills with load better. We recommend using the 10cc option.
If you are unsure about identifying your pump, please clean & send a photo of numbers & letters stamped in the body of all pumps. We may be able to interpret this for you. Please send us a message for any inquiries or extra fittings.

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