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Electro-Magnetic Clutch For Hydraulic Pumps Italian Made

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Electro-Magnetic Clutch Italian Made
(pump sold separately)
Electromagnetic clutches are mechanical elements to transmit and cut power on the driven side with an electromagnetic force. Put simply, they can disconnect and connect power without stopping the power. Ideal to run a hydraulic pump or motor from a constantly running Diesel engine auxiliary shaft output, ie. Simply supply DC voltage & the pump will engage.
Here’s how the clutch works. When a DC voltage is applied to the electromagnet coil a magnetic field is created. The magnetic circuit passes through the clutch rotor and armature. The force is large enough to deflect the flat spring and the armature is pulled across a small air gap into the rotor face. The friction between the rotor and armature allows the driving shaft and armature to rotate at the same speed. When electrical power is removed from the coil the flat spring returns and pulls back the armature. Without a friction connection, the two shafts rotate independently.
This is sold in 12 or 24 volts, with a Group 1 & 2 Din mount for fitment of a pump or motor.

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