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Enerpac Hand Operated Portable Hydraulic Hose Crimper 10-38 mm Swaging Range

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Brand: Enerpac Samway

Hand Operated Portable Hydraulic Hose Crimper with Enerpac P392 two Stage 10,000 psi Pump,
Hose fitting Crimping Diameter range from 10 - 38 mm.

This Portable Hydraulic Hose Crimper / Swaging machine, Comes with a complete set of 8 Dies and
the latest generation "Enerpac" High-speed 10,000 psi hand-operated pump.

Compared to a single-speed type hand pump the Enerpac P392: Hand actuated pump is a 2-speed pump and can reduce the number of hand pumps required to complete a full Hose fitting crimp assembly by as much as 75%.
The 2-speed design will deliver high flow and low pressure such as when closing the crimper dies until the dies start to contact the hose fitting being crimped and the pressure and load start to increase. When this point is reached, the pump will automatically switch to a lower-flow high-pressure stage.

Simple to use with the following Great features

  • Capable of Crimping hoses from 1/8" inch 100 R7 up to 1" inch 100 R2 .
  • Can generate up to 95 tons of Crimping Pressure.
  • Easy to change out and replace dies for other sizes.
  • Removable Crimp Head for even tighter access jobs.
  • Micrometre style "Crimp Diameter" setting dial with Red LED indicator light for easy repeatability.
  • Repeatable and reliable crimp diameters (Accuracy 0.05mm)
  • Dimension 400 long x 330 wide x 280 mm high, Weight = 30 KG

Ideal for both your workshop, service truck or hard-to-reach: site and machine locations.
Specifically designed for field service work when repairs and or final installs must be made on-site.
Earthmoving, Automotive and Marine, the applications for this unit are endless.

Have you ever had to Cut out a damaged section in a long hose that winds and snakes its way through a machine or ship's engine room then this is the machine you are going to need.
Capable of doing multiple crimps with little effort.

Will Crimp a 5/8" inch Hose fitting onto a 5/8 R2 hose in Just over 30 seconds.

Make the job even easier with our "OPTIONAL": Air Over Hydraulic Pump conversion kit! This kit Includes a pump and all necessary connections to convert from the hand pump to an air actuated Air over hydraulic making the job quicker and easier! See the link below for more information.
Portable Hydraulic Hand Crimper with optional 10,000 psi Air Operated Hydraulic Pump

This portable crimping machine is an excellent addition to your maintenance and repair services.

Simple and straightforward in construction, easy to operate and maintain, and highly reliable.
Packed weight (for shipping): 45kg
Dry weight: 30kg

The light weight of these service machines allows the portable unit to be carried to any location. (30kgs)
The machine comes standard with 8 sets of dies. These dies will give you the range to crimp from 10mm up to 38mm, which covers from 1/8 100R7 hose up to 1" two-wire hose.
Crimping Dies supplied, 10, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, and 31mm.

We have been using these exact crimpers out on site for those hard-to-get-to-hoses on the industrial plant, marine applications, tight and confined space access as well as crushing plants and automotive and mobile plant. The crimp head can be removed from the base and
with a flexible hose can be positioned into the tightest of spaces for hose re-ends, for example, earlier this year we had just the crimp head balanced on top of the differential of a JCB backhoe in order to re-end a pilot line.

The below Video is the Latest Version of the Crimper showcasing the new ENERPAC High Speed Hand Pump.

Freight. This comes in a timber padded box for transport ex Sydney.
We will require a postcode for the freight quote.

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