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Flat Face Hydraulic Couplers 1" BSPP Male/Female Pair

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Used extensively on all manner of Hydraulic machines ISO16028 flat-face couplers are the most common flat-faces used. They have 1" BSPP Threads. It is easy to check compatibility. Please refer to our size charts in photos for correct sizing. The best measurement to use is the 'J' column. They are suitable for applications involving dusty or dirty environments and where oil loss on disconnection cannot be tolerated. This series of couplings are designed for use in excavator hammer and Auger circuits and other applications involving high-pressure pulses. Construction plant, mobile equipment, general industrial, mining and agricultural. These are 'Residual' pressure OK.

These 1" flat-face couplers are compatible with;
DNP PLT4, Stucchi FIRG/A Series, Faster 2FFI , Hansen QA, Ryco R110-06/08, Safeway FF49, Aeroquip FD89/FD49
The above price is for one pair, (one set which includes one male and one female coupler) single male/female halves are available, please call or email.
Please refer to our size charts below for correct sizing. The best measurement to use is the 'J' column.
1" BSPP Female
230 Bar (3380 PSI)/
40 to 320 Litres/Minute
Pressure drops less than 0.1 Bar @ 40 Litres / Minute
4Bar @ 320 Litres / Minute
-20 to 100 degrees Celsius
Zinc-plated, heat-treated carbon steel. Nitrile ‘O’ ring seals with PTFE backing rings
A positive, quick connection is ensured by the snap-together locking ball system.
When connected the male and female halves can rotate, even under pressure, thus avoiding any torsional stress in the flexible hoses.
Poppet valves have balanced springs and calibrated oil flow passages to minimize the pressure drop.
Poppet valve seals have shockproof protective edges.
ISO 16028.
Connection / Disconnection Under Pressure
Connection with residual pressure OK. For applications where connection under pressure is required, HCP male couplings, or screw couplings from either the HSC, HS or RS ranges are recommended.
Disconnection of any quick disconnect / quick release coupling whilst under full system pressure can be very dangerous and should not be attempted.


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