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Galtech Q75 Italian One 'Float' 2-Spool 80 Lpm

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This is a brand new high-quality Italian-made Galtech Q 75 2 spool, 80Lpm valve. It is designed for any application where you need to control 2 individual functions or cylinders. This particular valve has one double acting cylinder spool. The second spool has a Float position spool. This means it will act as a regular spring back to centre cylinder spool, however it has a third position when you push lever all the way down, it will 'detent' (stay on) in a float position. This allows your bucket to free float over the ground lumps & bumps.

These valves are regularly used in hydraulic circuits to divert the flow of high-pressure oil and are typically used to control the speed and movement of hydraulic cylinders or motors.

adjustable main relief (81-200 Bar as standard) set at 150 Bar / 2100 psi standard.

Power beyond the sleeve, (not supplied) gives the option to run a secondary (smaller flow) valve downstream, by turning the 'T' port into a pressure port for the additional valve to feed off. With the power beyond the sleeve, they are assembled onto the “tank” port of the valve – this allows it to carry through the high pressure. When you assemble this sleeve, you would also have to remove the plug on top of the valve block for use as a tank line.
Technical Data
7/8" UNO service ports
7/8" UNO P Ports
7/8" UNO T Port
Max Flow:90l/min
Max Pressure:300 Bar
Max Tank Pressure: 25 Bar
Operating Temperature: -10°C + 80°C
Construction = Monoblock
Material of Construction = Steel
No of Spools = 2

1 x D/Acting, 1 x D/A with float

Material of Construction = Case Hardened Steel
O-rings made of NBR (Buna-N®)
Max Flow Rate = 90 liters/min (20 Gallons per Minute)
Max Working Pressure = 300 Bar (4500 PSI)
Spool Type = Cylinder. Motor Spools are also available
Spool Movement = Lever action, Spring Return to Center x 1 2nd is float
Built-in Relief Valve = Adjustable (factory set at 2200 PSI)
Dimensions. Please refer to the photos,
Operating temperature range: -20 °C to + 80°C
Weight 6 KG
Please send us a message for different spool configurations, spool numbers, and costings
This a High-Quality Valve and has many outstanding features, including
the built-in adjustable relief valve
high performance
high efficiency
small volume
mass flow,
leak resistance.
In addition to compact size, these control valves have fixed and large pull rods to control direction,
Installation; As per photos, there are a choice of two pressure ports "P" (only use one), two "T"

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