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This sale is for a one into Two Rotary gear flow divider with relief.

One of the more difficult things to achieve in Hydraulics is to make two cylinders extend & retract at the same speed.

Many things can cause this imbalance, lack of rigidity in the frame work, internal friction or resistance to flow through the hoses and fittings, different friction in the cylinder seals, weigh differentials on each cylinder, wind loads, even the slope or lay of the machine or mobile plant will allow gravity to pull down harder on one cylinder than the other.

A very accurate way (+/- 5% or less ) to do this is with a rotary gear flow divider, This hydraulic item mechanically forces the oil to divide at exactly the same rate. Please see brief explanation below.

One hydraulic line is connected to the inlet port of the geared flow divider, flow and pressure cause internal gears to rotate and divide oil up equally, the divided oil exits out of two separate outlet ports and these are in turn connected to the extend port on two cylinders. Maximum working pressure is 3500psi.

When retracting cylinder oil flow is reversed and the two lines from each cylinder flow into the two inlet ports (formerly Outlet ports) the gears in flow divider reverse direction and oil is combined and flows out through the single outlet port (formerly the inlet port) .

This comes in various flow rates which you can pick from the drop box next to the price. It is important for accuracy to pick as close to flow as possible. This divider will work with both Single acting or double acting circuits.

Technical Data

  • Displacements from 0.91 cm3/rev to 9.88 cm3/rev
  • Maximum pressures up to 210 bar
  • Rotation speeds up to 6500 rpm

Available in flow rates;

In; 1/2"- Out; 3/8" Bspp ports / 4 -70 lpm

Differential relief valve standard 750psi setting

RR$# 21-01-2021

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