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High Pressure Hydraulic Ball Valve 5100 PSI 3/4" 1-1/2"

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High Pressure 2 Port Hydraulic Ball Valve With Hard Chrome Steel Ball and Steel Body.

Your choice of 3/4",1", 1-1/4", or 1-1/2" Inside Diameter 2 Way Steel Ball Valve, with BSPP Female Ports.

The valve uses a perforated hard chrome-plated steel ball which when turned through 90 ° (1/4 turn) will allow or stop the flow of Liquids or Gases. The valve's handle is in line with the flow when open, and at 90° when closed, this design makes it simple to know at a glance if the valve is open or closed.

These Ball valves are durable, and reliable, and continue to perform well after many cycles, they will continue to close without leaking even after long periods of non use. These qualities make them an excellent choice for shutoff flow control applications.

Please note, ball Valves are not designed for fine control or throttling applications.
Please see link below or search our Needle Flow Control Valves for this type of application.


Quality item made in Italy.

Pressure Ratings
  • Flow for 3/4" = 80 Lt/min, pressure rated to 400 bar (5880 PSI)
  • Flow for 1" = 150 Lt/min, pressure rated to 350 bar (5150 PSI)
  • Flow for 1-1/4 = 150 Lt/min, pressure rated to 350 bar (5150 PSI)
  • Flow for 1-1/2" = 150 Lt/min, pressure rated to 350 bar (5150 PSI)
  • Ports = 2 x BSPP Female.

Materials of Construction

  • Body = Zinc Plated Steel
  • Ball = Hard Chrome Plated Steel
  • Valve Seats = Machined Delrin
  • Seals = Viton.
  • Handle = Aluminium

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