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Hollow Cylinders 10,000 psi 20 - 100 Ton Puller or Cable Strecher

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HOLLOW 20 - 60 TON CYLINDERS 10,000 psi Pressure Rated
Single Acting - Spring Return 10,000psi cylinder; Capacity : 20 - 60 Ton,• Stroke : 50mm - 75mm, 100mm
These are spring return, single-acting, 10,000 psi hydraulic Hollow cylinders in a large range of sizes. Hollow or Center Hole rams are ideal for stretching cable or pulling bolts or threaded rods. Designed for lifting, pushing Pulling, or pressing. See the video below for a hollow ram being used to remove a seized pin.
Please see below for available dimensions, & tonnages.
32mm Hollow Centre (53mm for 60t)
Baked Enamel Coating
Comes With Female Hydraulic Coupling
Outside Diameter - 114mm
12 Month Warranty
With Hollow rams, be aware especially with longer stroke ones, when pulling out pins, etc, if your ram is not ‘square’ to the pin, you can damage the ram by inducing too much ‘side load’ at long strokes.
Please ensure the job is well lined up & square, & if in doubt, only pull out to half stroke, & then readjust your pulling rod.
Failure to pull straight may lead to damage & is not warranted.
These hollow cylinders are physically quite large as well as heavy.
Freight quoted at check out is only applicable for rams up to 15kg in weight.
If buying larger sizes we will discuss with you the cheapest freight method & work out if an extra charge is required.
Maximum working pressure: 10,000 psi / 700 Bar
Single Acting with spring return
Hard chrome plated piston rod
The cylinder bore is roller burnished for extended life
The cylinder body is fully nitrided and painted

The warranty is for 12 months.
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