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Hydraulic Cylinder Rod Piston Seal Clasper Installation Tool

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Most Quality Hydraulic Cylinders Use Piston Seals manufactured from Composite Materials such as a Teflon / Bronze.

Installing these special seals onto a piston requires that the composite piston seal be stretched over and into a piston groove.

This process will leave the piston seal loose and larger in diameter than the barrel's bore and not sitting well in the piston's groove.

Because the piston seal is now stretched it will not fit well into the piston groove it was designed to fit into and this will cause complications and potential seal damage when trying to install the piston and seal assembly into the barrel's bore.

With enough time and the application of cold temperature, some seals will shrink back to their original pre-stretched size.

The better alternative is to squeeze and compress the piston seal back to its correct size using a SEAL CLASPER.

The Seal Clasper will make pressing piston seals into the piston's groove a breeze.

  • Adjustable for piston diameters from 50 - 250mm (2" - 9.5" inches)
  • Easy operation, clasp and tighten with the rachet wheel.
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