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Hydraulic Hand Pump, Remote Mounted Single Acting 5250psi / 350bar

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Hydraulic Hand Pumps. Remote Oil Resovoir Style Single Acting
This is a brand new high-quality Italian-made hydraulic hand pump that is designed to be plumbed into your existing oil tank. These are an easy way to operate hydraulic cylinders on a multitude of machines & trucks. This would be ideal for a tipping car towed trailer or a horse trailer ramp for example. They are capable of lifting many tons of weight if used with hydraulic cylinders. This only comes in single acting. The hand pump comes in sizes 20cc, 50cc & 70cc (drop box next to price above) For every pump, you will move either 20, 50, or 70 ccs of oil. Keep in mind, that as the pressure & load increase, the larger the volume of cc's, the more effort it will take to pump. So if you have a larger type cylinder, & use the 70 ccs, it will take fewer pumps of the handle to raise a load but will take more effort. These pumps are capable of lifting many tons. This is a 'remote' hand pump, which means you can mount just the pump head, & run hoses to another or existing oil reservoir. The price difference is linked to the dimensions of each pump, ie. as the cc's increase the overall size of the unit increase, please see photos of dimensions. There are also "complete with tank" in another listing.
20cc = 350 Bar / 5200 psi
50cc = 280 Bar / 4100 psi
70 cc = 230 Bar /3400 psi
3/8"BSPP male outlet

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