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Hydraulic Hose Burst Sleeve with Velcro Easy Install Without Disconnect.

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Brand: Hydraulic.Online

Velcro Hose Burst protection sleeve is a clever solution to cover Hydraulic Hoses without the messy need to disconnect hydraulic hoses and have oil leaking everywhere. Comes in various sizes.
Made from 100% PA6 textile sleeve with a PU coating and hook and loop fasteners(Velcro).
It ONLY comes in 25 meters Rolls:

This Protective Nylon Hose Sleeve With Velcro offers great abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and temperature resistance.

With the Velcro application, this product is widely used for bundling or binding wires, hydraulic hoses, tubing, etc.
Please Note that this sleeve does not have the same burst rating as our non Velcro burst sleeve.

Fast and Easy Installation
Post Assembly Installation can be installed after hoses are installed
Ideal for Retrofit to existing equipment
Lightweight, tough and highly flexible
Low Co-efficiency resists wear and abarasion
The special bonding process of the Velcro allows cutting to length without fraying
Material: PA6 with PU coating
Roll size: 25 metres

Various Sizes.
These sizes are the Internal Diameter when Velco is done up, & the sleeve is held in a circle.

  • I.D: 12mm
  • Flat Width: mm
  • I.D: 16mm
  • Flat Width: mm
  • I.D: 20mm
  • Flat Width: mm
  • I.D: 25mm
  • Flat Width: mm
  • I.D: 30mm
  • Flat Width: mm
  • I.D: 40mm
  • Flat Width: 150mm
  • I.D: 50mm
  • Flat Width: 180mm
  • I.D: 60mm
  • Flat Width: 232mm

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