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Hydraulic Hose Cut-Off Saw 240 Volt or 3 phase

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CM30 hydraulic hose cutting machines are manually operated and designed especially for service use in workshops.

They can be used for cutting up to 1-1/4″ braided hoses efficiently, fast, and safely. Available in both 240Volt & 415Volt 3 phase. Please note the 240 Volt unit requires a heavy, 32 amp circuit.

To maximize the lifetime of the cutting blade
Important !
Start the cutting machine and check that no vibrations occur. Make a test cut to make sure that the cutting blade is thoroughly tightened
1. The ten first cuts on a new cutting blade should be cut with a very low feed speed.
2. After these ten first cuts, the cut should be fast but without overloading of the motor.
3. Do not overheat the cutting blade
When cutting Important!
hoses of dimension 3-16” - 1/2” must the prebend supports always be used and put in the two inner holes. Min. cutting length 150 mm.
hoses of dimension 5-8” - 1” must the prebend supports always be used and put in the two middle holes. Min. cutting length 250 mm.
hoses of dimension 1 1/4” - 2” must the prebend supports always be used and put in the two outer holes. Min. cutting length 300 mm.

RL 20.06.2023

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