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Hydraulic Hose Fittings ORFS Female CRIMP ON 1/4" to 1"

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Brand: Hydraulic.Online

Two piece Hydraulic Hose Fittings ORFS Female CRIMP ON 1/4" to 1" inch hose bore.

These two-piece crimp-on ORFS hose tails have been tried & tested in our three service trucks for over 6 years with great success.

These are well made hydraulic items at a fantastic price.
The hosetails come with a one or two wire ferrule. You will need a swaging machine to assemble together onto
SAE 100R1 and SAE 100R2 hydraulic hose.

We strongly advise purchasing an new O'ring for each fitting.
We also have a BSPP and JIC listings because BSP and JIC are the most commonly used fittings in Australia.

However there are other, BSPP, BSPT, Metric and SAE etc.
If you are unsure, please measure the outside of the male thread & message us the dimension.

It is recommended you use calipers or verniers to achieve a precise measurement.
By default these hosetails be supplied together with a two wire ferrule. Please check below for dimensions.


HTB-ORF-0409 ; 1/4" Hose x ORFS Female 9/16"

HTB-ORF-0411 ; 1/4" Hose x ORFS Female 11/16"

HTB-ORF-0611 ; 3/8" Hose x ORFS Female 11/16"

HTB-ORF-0613 ; 3/8 Hose x ORFS Female 13/16"

HTB-ORF-0813 ; 1/2" Hose x ORFS Female 13/16"

HTB-ORF-0816 ; 1/2" Hose x ORFS Female 1"

HTB-ORF-1016 ; 5/8 Hose x ORFS Female 1"

HTB-ORF-1219 ; 3/4 Hose x ORFS Female 1-3/16"

HTB-ORF-1623 ; 1" Hose x ORFS Female 1-7/16"

ENGMATTEC two wire hydraulic hoses are fully compatible, interchangeable or a direct replacement for many popular and more expensive hydraulic hose brands and types. See below for more details.

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ENGMATTEC is a Non-Skive Hose which means the outer cover does not need to be removed before pressing or screwing on the appropriate Hydraulic Hose Fittings.

Most People Purchase and then Re-order the following four most common ENGMATTEC sizes of Two (2) Wire braided hydraulic hose and these 4 sizes are as follows.


100R2AT 1/4" DN6, 19mm

100R2AT 3/8" DN10, 21.9mm

100R2AT 1/2" DN12, 24.6mm

100R2AT 3/4" DN19. 32mm

Please send us a message for any questions you may have.
For Thread ID Chart please send us a message and we will send to you

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If this happens you will be notified and given the option to either cancel for a full refund or wait for the part to come in (typically 3-14 days)

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