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Hydraulic Jacking Hose & Coupler 17,000 PSI Custom Lengths

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Product Details
High-Pressure Hydraulic Jacking Hose with 3/8" Male Coupler pressure rated to 17,000 PSI available in various lengths up to 10 meters long.

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With a working pressure of over 17,000 psi and a min burst pressure of over 40,000 psi This Ultra High-Pressure hose will safely deliver oil to your press tools with up to 17,000 psi (1200 bar) of pressure.

This Product is assembled in-house to order normally with a same-day service

The minimum burst pressure hose is 42,000 psi (2900 bar)

Heavy Duty Reinforced Hose Used to supply oil under high pressure to operate single or double-acting presses, pullers, benders, punches, cylinders, and shears and tooling.

Key features

Fitted with Heavy Duty Bend Restrictors at each end for a much Longer Hose Life

3/8 male NPT high-pressure fittings on each end
Also included is a pair (one Male and One Female) of 3/8" High-Pressure Screw together couplers
Protective Dust caps to protect the connectors from dust, sand, moisture, Snow, dirt, and mechanical damage when not in use.
This hose is suitable for all portable or permanent single or double-acting Ultra High-Pressure hydraulic power units and tooling
The very durable and Highly visible hose can be used in all industrial, commercial and heavy-duty applications requiring a flexible connection to high-pressure tooling.
Perfect for Truck and Car Suspension shops, Hydraulic presses, benders, and punches
Rescue Equipment, Auto body shops using frame and chassis straighteners, Car Jacks and lifts, Mechanical Workshops, Domestic and commercial Scissor Lifts, and heavy-duty Torque Multipliers.
Suitable for all portable or permanent Ultra High-Pressure hand or foot, compressed air, and electrically operated hydraulic pressure packs.
This product is compatible with a wide range of single or double-acting tooling and accessories from such brands as Fleet-Hydrol, Durapac, Enerpac, Power Team, Porta Power, KC Tools,


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