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Hydraulic Power Pack.; 12-24V DC 9 Lt/min 3000 PSI HIGH POWER P&T ./ Single Acting / Double Acting

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These are Higher Power units than our other Power Packs listed.
They have been designed for a large range of hydraulic purposes, eg smaller crane trucks, (Hi Ab, Effers, Palfinger, etc)or any hydraulic cylinder or small motor,
or pump that is used intermittently, but requires a higher flows.
Flow equals speed. Our lower-powered power pack will lift the same tonnage, however at a slower rate.
This is a 2.5Kw (280A rated) 12v, or 2.8 kW 24v (150A rated) engine. It is capable of up to 9Lpm up to 3000psi.

It is available in P & T (for use when you have a manual lever control valve),
Single acting( when gravity brings load back down, ie power only on upcycle) in both 12 Volt DC or 24 Volt DC.
or Double-acting enables the power pack to lift the load up & down.

These are quality units, made by a leading hydraulic manufacturer.
The Single-acting & double-acting units come with a handheld control pendant & tank options.

It is important to compare the 'Duty cycle' of our powerpack vs other units.
Powerpacks are high-energy consumers, so put out a lot of heat.
Our units will run longer with less stress than most. This is important if it is in constant use & for longevity.

Available also in P & T, Single-acting, or Double acting (see our other listings)
Capable of generating up to 200 Bar (3000 PSI) Pressure.

Please note; As standard, these are designed to be mounted Horizontally.
If mounting Vertically (tank down only) you must let us know as we will need to extend the oil pickup inside the tan,
This is because as standard, the oil pick-up will be too high for mounting the unit vertically and the pump will not be able to draw up the oil.

This video below showcases the great features that come as standard on all our power unit models.


  • Power Rating 12 Volt DC, 2.5 KW, or 24 Volts DC, 2.8 KW
  • Flow 9.0 liters Minute
  • Max Pressure up to 200 BAR (3000 PSI at reduced flow)
  • Pressure relief valve Factory set at 150 BAR
  • Discharge Ports 9/16 UNO
  • 10 Liter capacity Oil tank with combination filler breather level plug and separate plug.
  • Larger tank capacities are also available
  • Can be mounted Horizontally as well as Vertically (Motor Up only)## YOU MUST CONTACT US TO CONVERT TO VERTICAL!
  • Safety thermistors are installed in motor windings to prevent overheating.
  • Duty Cycle = 25% at Low Duty, low load and pressure (600 PSI) = 100Amps Draw,
  • Allowable run time 12.5 minutes and then allowed to totally cool down.
  • or 150 seconds ON - 400 seconds OFF.
  • Duty Cycle = 19% at Medium duty medium load and pressure (1600 PSI) = 160 Amps Draw
  • Allowable run time of 7.5 minutes and then allowed to totally cool down. or 150 seconds ON - 640 seconds OFF
  • Duty Cycle = 7% 300 Amps High Duty High Load and pressure (3000 PSI) = 300 Amps Draw
  • The allowable run time is 1.7 Minutes and then allowed to totally cool down or 150 seconds ON and 2000 seconds OFF.
  • Use ISO 48 Hydraulic Oil or ATF Fluid for this unit
  • Dimensions Length = 60 cm Width = 24 cm Height = 26 cm
  • Weight 24 KG

The video below will show you how to correctly wire up a 12 or 24 Volt DC Power unit.

We also offer ‘Depot to Depot’ freight as a cheaper alternative for larger items. Please call or email for this freight option Please call us on 0755631982


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