Hydraulic Power Pack 240V 3.0 L/min Max 240 Bar (3500 PSI) P&T Ports/Single acting/Double acting

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240 V Powerpack. 1.1KW Various options

Available in; 240 volt- P & T(Pressure & Tank), Single acting, Double acting

This 240 Volt DC Power Pack has been designed specifically as a compact pressure supply unit to supply oil flow at pressure to a remote mounted hydraulic circuit.

These hydraulic power Units are designed only for intermittent use, not constant running.

This is a 1.1kw unit with a 1.1cc pump with a flow rate of 3 liters per minute at a pressure of 2500 PSI.

Capable of generating up to 240 Bar (3500 PSI) Pressure. This unit is available as a P & T (for use with a lever directional valve),

S/A single acting powered up and load drops down via gravity) or

D/A double acting which drives the load both up & down.

For the S/A & D/A we can supply solenoid coils in a choice of 12v, 24,v or 240v. We sell 5-48V momentary cable control pendants in another list. Pendants are not supplied with these. # For 240 volt coils, we cannot supply hand held control pendants.

# Please note; electric cables are not supplied with these units as per Australian law. There is a wiring diagram under the power terminal lid. An Electrician is required by law to hook up power cords.

# ROTATION; When installing cable, fan must run counter clockwise when looking from behind at motor fan

### Mocen AC power units are CCW looking at the motor fan. ###

We also stock a 2.2KW unit which will pump closer to 6 LPM. See other listings

Heat is a by product of hydraulic energy. It is the biggest enemy of hydraulic circuits, in that it can significantly degrade oil structure, 'cook' hoses & seals & lead to early pump failure. For these reasons, it is important to choose correct oil tank size to aid in oil cooling. Tank dimensions below. (please use dimensions as per below to work out length & height)

This is a quality motor and pump Manufactured in Shanghai to very high standards.


Power Rating 1.1 KW , 240 Volts

  • Flow 3.0 liters Minute at 170 Bar (2500 PSI)
  • Max Pressure up to 200 BAR (3000 PSI)
  • Pressure relief valve Factory set at 150 BAR (2200 PSI)
  • Ports 9/16 UNO
  • 7.5 Liter capacity Oil tank with combination breather/level plug and separate fill plug.
  • Flexible Mounting Positions can be mounted Horizontally or Vertically (Motor Up)
  • Power draw 6.7 amp draw`
  • Duty Cycle = intermittent
  • Due to legislation, you will be required to install your own power cable by a qualified electrician.
  • Use ISO 48 Hydraulic Oil or ATF Fluid for this unit
  • Dimensions Length = 60 cm Width = 20 cm Height = 23 cm
  • Weight 21 KG
  • Freight is a $40 flat fee, however due to the bulky nature of this item, some remote ares may incur a extra surcharge. If this applies, we will call & discuss best options with you.

Use ISO 48 Hydraulic Oil or ATF Fluid for this unit

We also offer ‘Depot to Depot’ freight as a cheaper alternative for larger items. Please call or email for this freight option Please call us on 0755631982

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