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Hydraulic Pressure Side Filter Hpm Series 1/2" Up To 1" Bspp 6000psi -420bar

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OMT HPM high-pressure filter up to 420 Bar Pressure side filter housing 1/2", 3/4" & 1" BSPP ports these are Italian-made pressure side hydraulic filter housing capable of withstanding up to 420 Bar / 6000 Psi. They have a bypass valve in case of a full clog (6 bar). These come complete with 10 um filter elements. See the photo for flow rates.
We also can supply a visual indicator, $125 to show when the filter needs changing. Replacement filters are widely available & we have stock continuously of most sizes.
Features; Manufactured from a cast iron head and steel bowl this range of high-pressure filters are used in pressure lines to provide system protection from fluid contamination.
Please note, these assemblies come complete with a 10-micron filter.
Please see our other listing for a choice of larger flow pressure filters. These give you a micron option & a range of flow up to 100 to 200 LPM

3/4" HPM281F10XNR 420 Bar 35LPM Filter Assembly 1/2″BSP ports. 10 micron Inorganic fibre 85mm x 189mm.
3/4" HPM282F10XNR1 55LPM 420 Bar Filter Assembly 3/4″BSP ports. 10 micron Inorganic fibre 85mm x 219mm.
3/4" HPM421F10XNR 80LPM. 420 Bar Filter Assembly 3/4″BSP ports. 10 micron Inorganic fibre 110mm x 277mm. 6.8Kg
1" HPM22F10XNR1 135LPM. 420 Bar Filter Assembly 1″BSP ports. 10 micron Inorganic fibre 110mm x 390mm. 8.9Kg

Filter body (Materials) • Head: Cast iron (chemical heat treatment)
Housing: Steel (chemical heat treatment)
Bypass valve: Steel Pressure 6 bar
Working pressure: 420 bar (42 MPa)
Test pressure: 420 bar (42 MPa)
Burst pressure: 840 bar (84 MPa)
Pulsed pressure fatigue test 1,000,000 cycles with variable pressure from 0 to 420 bar (42 MPa)Temperature
From -25°C to +110°C Bypass valve
Opening pressure 6 bar ±10%
Other opening pressures on request
These are the filters & flows to choose from in our other listing

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