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Hydraulic Ram or Cylinder Strip Clean and Reseal Service

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One of the services we offer is a full hydraulic ram/cylinder Strip Down and Reseal service,

Prices start at $250 for small convertible Automotive cylinders and increase from there based on size and complexity of design,

Backed with years of knowledge, and experience (and a mistake or two) we have developed a tried and tested
"SCRIPT 44" this is a 44 Step Better Than New, Zero Leaks, Cylinder Reseal Process.

Our Service techs can service and reseal from the smallest cylinders with a 35 mm Stroke and a 12 mm bore

such as those found in premium sports cars and automobiles from manufacturers such as such as
Porsche, Mercedes Benz to large cylinders with a 4000mm stroke and a 600mm bore.


(We also offer a pick-up and delivery service)
(charges apply).

Our Torque Tube Cylinder Breakout Bench is capable of generating up to 50,000-newton meters of torque.
and can tackle even the most stubborn cylinders.

We also Service Telescopic cylinders found in tippers, Regeneration Cylinders found in Dozers
Excavator cylinders with elaborate stroke cushioning as well as Farm Equipment,
Marine Steering, Skid Steers Loaders, and Forestry Equipment.

Does My Cylinder Need Repairs?

Leaking hydraulic oil is one of the most obvious signs that you are due for a repair.
If you’ve noticed oil leaks, especially around the end of the barrel where the Chrome Rod
extends and retracts from and or you have been adding fluid (hydraulic Oil),
Then you most likely have a leak, this is usually a result of Worn and or Deteriorated Oil Seals
But it could also be from Chrome Rod Damage, a Loose Gland Nut, or Cracks in the Barrel welds.

Oil Leaks from old or worn seals waste expensive hydraulic oil, reduce power in your machine,
and risk the introduction of dirt or moisture into your hydraulic system and could lead to
more serious internal Damage or Dangerous and Expensive Failure

Other signs of cylinder damage

are excessive heat, loss of power or efficiency, or a piston rod showing wear or damage on one or more sides.

Prices start from $250 to repair a hydraulic cylinder.
The price varies with the size of the cylinder and the number of repairs needed
and sometimes on just how old rusty and stubborn it is to open up and then clean it up,
but we will always give you a fair deal.

Although the initial cost of cylinder repairs can sound steep, the advantages of fixing a cylinder
far outweigh the costs.

Oil consumption will go down and your machine will also operate more
efficiently saving time and money.

After repairs, all nuts and glands are torqued to Manufactures's specifications.

We then pressure test the entire assembly with oil too, maximum working pressure
to make sure the repair was done correctly, and
pressure test certificates are also available for inspection and reporting to regulatory authorities.

Repair, Rebuild, or Replace?

Hydraulics online can repair, rebuild, and replace cylinders.
At times a cylinder may be so worn or damaged it is more cost-effective to simply replace it.
If we find this true of your cylinder, we will inform you, show you the damage
and be happy to order a new one and install it for you.


Phone: our service team at 1300 1 HOSES or on 07 55716155
Hours: 8 am to 4 pm Monday - Friday, QLD time excluding public holidays
we are based on the Gold Coast QLD
Best regards,

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