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JIC Female, Male, Straight, 90° & 45° Field Fit Reusables

FIYM = Fix it Yourself, Mate!
Field Fit, Reusable Hydraulic Hose Fittings with Male and Female JIC threads.
Designed for 100R1 and 100R2 Hydraulic Hoses.

Sick of getting those "Exy" bills for a Hydraulic hose replacement?
Field Fit hydraulic hose fittings are the she'll be right answer for getting you back in action without the wait or the rip off pricing.
These plated steel tough ones are designed for the true blue Aussie – the bloke (or blokette) who knows their way around a bit of gear and wants to get the job done right, on their own time and terms.

Field Fit Reusable Fittings give you the freedom to "Punch Out" those hydraulic repairs yourself: in on your own time.
No more waiting around for some overpriced service bloke who'll take his sweet time and charge an arm and a leg and then wants to stick around for a beer or 2 as well.

All you need are a few basic hand tools: – chuck in a couple of your favourite Shifters and maybe if you are a bit "Posh" and have heaps of tools, the correct spanners and a vice, and you're all good to go.

Reusable hose fittings to fit onto SAE 100R1 and SAE 100R2 Hydraulic Hose

Thread type JIC Male, JIC Female, in Straight, 45° and 90° field Fit Reusables.

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