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JIC Flare Nuts & Sleeves

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These are JIC Hydraulic FLARE NUTS with SLEEVES.
These Nuts and Sleeves suit Imperial-sized CDS (Cold Drawn Seamless) Hydraulic Tube.
You will need a Flaring tool to use these Nut and Sleeves.
Parts are made from Steel and Plated for corrosion resistance.

You will receive one JIC Flare Nut & one Sleeve.
Please chose Carefully and Check the description

For example 7/16" JIC for 1/4" OD tube
This means that the female thread on the Nut is 7/16 JIC
and the parts are designed to fit 1/4" Outside Diameter Cold Drawn Seamless Tube

Please Note this general rule when selecting and using CDS Tubes, Nuts and Sleeves.
And especially for the smaller tube sizes, compact installations and higher oil flows.
If for example you are using 1/4" ID Hydraulic Hose and you want to switch
and connect to CDS Tube with long runs or compact installs with multiple bends,
in order to maintain oil velocity, reduce heat generation and back pressure
we recommend choosing the next size up in CDS Tube.

For example, if using 1/4" ID hydraulic hose try and use 3/8" OD pipe
this way you will maintain internal diameters and help reduce
back pressure and any potential heat generation.

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Improper Selection
, Installation, Implementation, And/Or Operation By Anyone Other Than Persons With Appropriate Technical And Mechanical Training Can Result In Damage To Equipment Or Property, Serious Personal Injury, Or Death. Proper Precautions And Safety Procedures Should Be Implemented Prior To The Installation And Operation Of Equipment.

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