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Custom Made Hydraulic Hose Assemblies 4,000 psi 1/2 inch 2 wire Crimp Fittings in BSP JIC ORFS

Hose Assembly 1/2"
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Product Details

Custom 1/2 inch inside diameter Hydraulic hose assembly with crimped on ends made to your needs

Using ENGMATTEC 1/2" two wire Hydraulic hose pressure rated to 4,000 psi (275 bar) completed with your choice of crimped-on hose fittings in BSP, JIC, or ORFS ends in Male, Female and 90 elbows.

Hose fittings available are as follows,
1/2 inch BSP in female or male and 90 elbows ,
JIC in 3/4" and 7/8" in male or female and 90 elbows
or 13/16 ORFS in female or male and 90 elbow,

Please Note all female hose fittings have swivel nuts,
BSP male ends are available in Taper or Parallel threads
Taper thread will be provided unless Parallel thread is requested when ordering.

A Tapered male thread will be automatically supplied
unless you specify parallel male thread when ordering,

Assembled to your exacting requirements, crimped to the length of your choice with your required hose ends
and blown clean with a projectile, before being capped with plastic plug.

Sizes and price options are in the right hand options chart.

Video below on how to check and measure to find and select the correct hose fittings.

If you would like a specific length made & crimped, please buy the closest size
(must be the size longer than you need)
& message us with the overall length required.

Always measure from the very end of the fittings on both ends ( Over All )or if a 90 elbow as per images.
Please see the thread charts if unsure of the thread.
It is best to measure the Male thread on the OD (outside diameter)

Please Be Aware that when selecting 90° elbows for both ends,
end #2 will be a straight tail and a 90 degree compact M/F adaptor
this to allow for the correct orientation of the 2nd elbow when fitting the hose to your machinery

Construction Synthetic rubber tube: two braids of special high tensile steel wire reinforcement
separated by synthetic rubber layer;
and a oil, weather, and abrasion resistant synthetic rubber outer cover.
Application Medium to High-Pressure hydraulic lines.
Suitable for petroleum-based hydraulic fluids, synthetic esters,
biodegradable hydraulic fluids, water glycol-based fluids, and compressed air.
please note For air applications above 100psi,
the cover should be pin pricked.
Range of Temperature -40˚C to +120˚C
Couplings 275 Bar, 4200psi

Please send us a message for more information.
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Improper Selection
, Installation, Implementation, And/or Operation By Anyone
Other Than Persons With Appropriate Technical And Mechanical Training
Can Result In Damage To Equipment Or Property, Serious Personal Injury, Or Death.
Proper Precautions And Safety Procedures Should Be Implemented
Prior To The Installation And Operation Of Equipment.

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