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Metal Forging Hydraulic Press Hammer Motor And 2 Speed Pump.

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Metal Forge Hydraulic Press Hammer Electric Motor + Hi Lo Splitter Pump
This is a ready-to-be-wired-up, 3-phase 415-volt 7.5 kW (10 Hp) electric motor, plus bell housing, shaft couplers & a cast iron hydraulic Hi Lo pump.
Please click this link to see an alternate complete 240-volt package!!
This setup will produce approximately 45 Lt/min of flow
Using a hydraulic cylinder with a 5" bore high flow will produce a down speed of 25 mm/second and an up speed of 30 mm/second
In Low flow, it will produce a down speed of 4 mm per second with 25 tons of force and an up speed of 5 mm per second.
The cycle time as well as the forces generated will vary depending on the bore & stroke of the hydraulic ram you are using. Please contact us with your requirements.
Please note; electric plug cables are not supplied with these units as per Australian law. There is a wiring diagram under the power terminal lid. An Electrician is required by law to hook up.
ROTATION Clockwise rotation when looking at the motor rear fan blade
Joe the Builder Built this Beauty.

Check Out Paul Pinto's Video On How He Built His Awesome Hydraulic Press For Blacksmithing

A few examples using 5" bore rams with a 12" stroke = 19-sec cycle (full down and up)
With an 18" stroke = 18 seconds down and 15 seconds up.
A 4" bore ram will be faster. The pump comes with a 1" suction tail & has a 1/2" BSPT pressure port.
The pump is the highest possible LPM (flow) available for a 10 Hp motor.
It is a hi-lo pump, which means it pumps High Flow at low Pressures, this is used when the cylinder is extending or retracting, but once your forge hits the job to start the deformation process, it automatically drops to Low Flow High-Pressure cycle to enable very high pressing forces with good control.
Again tonnage is dictated by the bore of your chosen ram.
As an indication, you will produce the following tonnages;
4" bore ram = 16 tonnes
5" bore ram = 25 tonnes.
The larger the bore, the higher the tonnage
However, the larger bore needs more oil volume, resulting in slower up-down speeds
This is a professional quality unit, made to perform & last
We also stock Australian-made hydraulic rams,
1 spool monoblock valves to operate the up-down function for your press.
Also available are Oil tanks as well as fittings & either swaged-to-length hydraulic hoses or hose with
reusable fittings to allow all hoses to be made by yourself on-site with minimal tools.
Please call us for additional parts or larger / smaller units. We can supply 5Hp up to 20hp setups. (07) 5563 1982
Pick-up is also available from the Gold Coast Qld.

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