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OILPATH High Speed Truck and Dog Hydraulic Tipper Valve

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Brand: OILPATH Australia
The OILPATH OP222: The Benchmark Hydraulic Tipper Valve for Your Truck & Dog - Made in Australia!
Upgrade your tipping efficiency and support Australian manufacturing with the
industry-leading OILPATH OP222, The leading 4 Port, Twin Spool, Hydraulic Directional Control Tipper Valve!

Unlike generic valves, the OILPATH OP222 is specifically designed for the lift hoists in Truck and Dog tipping applications,
featuring patented technology to maximize oil flow and performance, and proudly manufactured right here in Australia.

The Secret's in the Design:

Engineered Flow Paths:
OILPATH engineers designed the internal passages to minimize pressure drop, especially during lowering (Hoist / Tipper Down).
This means faster and more efficient tipping cycles.

Smart Pressure Relief Valve:
The high-performance relief valve offers minimal pressure drop and exceptional stability,
preventing accidental over pressurization beyond a safe 3,200 psi.

Built to Last:

  • Heavy-Duty Construction: The valve body is crafted from high-tensile strength cast iron for unmatched durability.
  • Premium Materials: Hardened steel spools and Buna-N (Nitrile) seals ensure smooth operation and long service life.

Additional Features:
  • High Flow Capacity: Handles up to 160 litres per minute (Lt/min) for efficient tipping.
  • Maximum Pressure: Withstands working pressures up to 220 bar (3,200 psi).
  • Convenient Connection Ports: Utilises standard 1” BSPP for Oil Supply and the Two Working ports and a 1-1/4" BSPP tank Return Port for easy installation. Test Ports are 1/4" BSPP and Compressed Air Connections for Pneumatic Actuators are 1/8" BSPT.
  • Built-in Diagnostics: The test ports allow for easy pressure checks and setting of auxiliary functions.
  • Moisture-Resistant Design: The pneumatic actuator system includes a vacuum elimination feature to minimize moisture ingestion, extending valve lifespan.

Don't settle for generic solutions!
The OILPATH OP222 is the clear choice for reliable, efficient, and safe tipping operations,
while also supporting Australian innovation and manufacturing.

Upgrade your truck and dog tipper today and choose Australian-made quality!

Click here to for Cab Air Control Switch for Tipper Valve

MM 10/05/2024 ALL NEW.

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