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PTO Power Take Off for Manual or Automatic Truck Transmissions

Prime PTO + Pump
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Brand: Hydreco

Comprehensive Power Take-Off (PTO) Systems for Advanced Fleet Operations

Elevate the capability of your commercial fleet with our state-of-the-art Power Take-Off (PTO) systems.
Our units are meticulously engineered to facilitate the direct transfer of power from your truck's drivetrain to a variety of external Pumps, Gearboxes, Blowers, or Agitators.

Whether you're operating a construction truck-mounted crane, are in Transport logistics with a Tilt Tray, Tow Truck, Low Loader, or Super Tilt or are in a unique industry requiring the rotation of a Drive Shaft or Fluid power from a Hydraulic Pump.
Your prime mover's transmission will in most cases have the provision for the installation of a PTO or Power Take-Off Unit.
Our PTOs are designed to deliver consistent, versatile power beneath your truck's or vehicle's chassis.

There is much to learn and absorb so please see all the content below and,
If after fully reading this listing, you still require selection assistance, we are here to help.

email us at or
phone us on 1300 1 HOSES, that is
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Efficient Installation & Inclusive Aftermarket Support with Rapid and Reliable Installations

Our PTO systems are not just about high performance but also about efficient installation. From straightforward PTO and pump integrations to more complex arrangements involving an array of hydraulic components, our team will ensure you receive a swift and reliable setup.

Installation Timeframe Overview

Complexity Level

Components Involved

Installation Duration


Replacement PTO and Hydraulic Pump

Approximately 1.5 Hours


Addition of Valves, Motors, and Interconnecting Hoses

Up to 1 Day, Depending on Complexity


Integration of Oil Tanks, Oil Coolers, and Advanced Hydraulic flow Control Systems

Several Days, Reflecting System Complexity

Customisation for Peak Performance

Customisation is at the heart of our PTO solutions. We meticulously match the right PTO to your specific vehicle's requirements.
By analysing factors such as the power output required from your oil flow and pressure delivery requirements, engine speed, transmission type, and application, we ensure your PTO system is optimally configured for peak performance and durability.

Compatibility and Tailored Solutions

We recognise that every heavy-duty truck is unique, and not all come ready-equipped for PTO installation.
As such, we offer tailored solutions and expert advice for both manual and automatic transmission systems in both side and rear mount with options such as Air or Cable engagement or for Hot Shift Units Electrical Solenoid control of an internal wet Clutch Pack.

Whether you prefer to drive
Japanese, Hino with a MX06, an Isuzu with a MYY6E, a Mitsubishi / Fuso with a G230-12 transmission or even a Nissan/UD

American, Western Star or Freightliner with a Detroit DT12 or a Mack with a MDrive Automatic

Or European, Iveco, Mercedes Benz, or Scania with a ZF Astronic or Volvo with an I -Shift Automatic

we have you covered.

Manual Transmission Solutions

For vehicles with manual transmissions, PTO integration is typically more straightforward, resulting in a more cost-effective setup.
Manual systems allow low-profile side mount for direct Compressed Air or cable engagement of the pump via the PTO when the transmission is in neutral.

Automatic Transmission Adaptations

Automatic transmissions often do not as standard include PTO capabilities, but we provide specialised options.
Our "HOT SHIFT" PTOs, for example, use pressurised transmission oil for the engagement of a built-in wet Clutch Pack.
This offers seamless operation for automatic systems with the added advantage of frequent PTO Engagements.
Whether you have a Japanese-made Aisin or a US-made Allison Six (6) Speed Automatic Transmission with 6 or 10 bolt flanges we can provide a PTO for virtually all types of commercial vehicles and applications.

Types of PTOs: A Global Perspective

With a range of PTO types available, we take a global view of the market to offer you the best solutions.
Rear-mount PTOs while popular in Europe for their robust performance for example the use on Volvo Trucks, Rear Mounts are also gaining recognition in the US and Australia on ZF Transmissions and Mack Trucks as well.

If you operate a Freightliner or Western Star Class 8 Cascadia or 5700 fitted with a Detroit DT12 transmission, we have you covered as well with a Rear Mount Detroit DT12 PTO Prep Kit for the transmission.
The main feature of the Prep Kit is the integral hydraulic mount and the strong structural construction gives it the Prep Kit capability of driving Large Displacement Hydraulic Pumps (up to 27 Kg) without additional transmission supports.

Rear Mount PTOs

Favoured for their straightforward design and efficiency, rear-mount PTOs are an excellent choice for applications requiring independent operation from the main transmission.
Most of these drives run continuously and are mounted with "Live Drive" Bent Axis Piston Pumps or are fitted with a Hot Shift Clutch Pack to run a standard Gear Pump.

Precision Installation for Unrivalled Performance

Our installation process adheres to stringent industry standards, ensuring that every PTO is set up for optimal performance and longevity. From the initial drainage of transmission fluid to the careful alignment of the mating gears, we leave nothing to chance.

Backlash Precision

Backlash settings are critical to the proper functioning of a PTO system. Incorrect settings can lead to excessive noise and or premature wear or failure, which is why we employ precision instruments to ensure the backlash is within the recommended range of 0.15 to 0.3 mm.

PTO Bolt Pattern Reference

Transmission Type

Bolt Pattern

Specific Details



Aligning with SAE Standards


Six and Ten-Bolt

Six Bolt for Aisin and Allison Transmissions,
and Ten bolt Exclusive to Allison Transmission Systems

Safety and Operational Excellence

The safety of your operators and the reliability of your equipment are paramount.
We advocate for the direct mounting of pumps to PTOs, a practice that not only enhances safety by reducing the need for additional drive shafts but also simplifies maintenance.

Scheduled Maintenance for Enduring Reliability

We understand that a PTO system is a long-term investment.
Therefore, we emphasise the importance of integrating the PTO into your fleet's routine maintenance schedule.

Allison Transmission Service Intervals

For trucks equipped with Allison Transmissions, we follow a strict maintenance schedule:

  • Fluid Changes: Vital for smooth operation, recommended at intervals of every 500,000 Kilometres.
  • Filter Changes: Essential for system integrity, advised every 100,000 Kilometres.

Comprehensive PTO Specification Process

Selecting the right PTO is a nuanced process, requiring careful consideration of numerous vehicle and application specifics.
Our in-depth approach ensures that every facet of the PTO's operation is tailored to your needs.

PTO Series Selection Guide

Duty Level

Series Examples

Application Suitability

Medium Duty

442, 489, 272, 282

General Commercial Use


660, 680, 280

Intensive Industrial Applications

Extra Heavy-Duty

870, 890, 823

Extreme Duty Conditions


340, 352 & 863 (Reversing)

Specific Forward/Reverse Operations

Rear Mount

524, 541

Independent Equipment Operation

Specifying Your PTO: A Step-by-Step Process

Our methodical approach to specifying the right PTO encompasses a comprehensive evaluation of your truck's capabilities and the demands of the equipment it will power.

  1. Transmission Identification: We begin by determining the specifics of your truck's transmission—whether it's automatic or manual, its make and model, and the side of installation. This information is pivotal in selecting a compatible PTO.
  1. Equipment Analysis: Understanding what equipment will be driven by the PTO is crucial. Whether it's a hydraulic pump, winch, or blower, we consider the input horsepower (HP) required and the desired operating speed from the Oil delivery Pressure and Flow Volume.
  1. Operational Dynamics: We establish the desired engine speed during PTO operation and calculate the PTO ratio, ensuring that the system provides the necessary output while the engine maintains an efficient operational tempo.
  1. Shaft Rotation Direction: The PTO's output shaft rotation is critical. We determine whether you need engine or opposite-engine rotation, according to the driven equipment's requirements.
  1. Connection Type: Defining the connection between the PTO and driven equipment is next, whether it's a remote or direct connection, each with its specific benefits and installation requirements.
  1. Duty Cycle Determination: The duty cycle—intermittent or continuous—will influence the PTO selection, ensuring that it can handle the operation's demands without overheating or experiencing undue stress.
  1. Reverse Gear Requirements: Some applications require reverse gear capabilities. We assess whether this feature is necessary for your PTO to perform its intended function.
  1. Output Specifications: Finally, we determine the type and size of the PTO output required. Whether it's for a driveshaft or a direct mount pump, we ensure the mounting flange and shaft type/size are precisely matched to your equipment.

Useful Formulas for PTO Specification

To assist you in understanding the technical specifics, we provide a set of formulas that our specialists use when specifying your PTO:

Pump Output Horsepower: HP = (GPM x PSI) / 1,714

Pump Input Horsepower: HP = (GPM x PSI) / (1,714 x E)

Pump Input Torque: T = (CID x PSI) / 75.63

Gallons Per Minute: GPM = (CID / 231) x RPM

Cubic Inches Displacement: CID = (GPM x 231) / RPM

Horsepower: HP = (T x RPM) / 5,252

Flow using PTO: GPM = (Engine RPM x PTO%) x (CID / 231) x E

CCM to CID Conversion: CCM = CID x 16.39, CID = CCM x .06102

PTO Ratio: Pump RPM / Engine RPM

These formulas encapsulate the intricate calculations that go into every PTO specification, ensuring a fit-for-purpose solution that integrates seamlessly with your fleet.

Our Service Guarantee

We partner with truck owners and workshops across the country, committing to provide products that deliver exceptional, hassle-free service. Our guarantee extends beyond mere words; it's a pledge backed by our reputation in the industry.

Routine Service for Uninterrupted Operation

Our service philosophy centers on prevention. Regular checks every three months, along with visual inspections, are part of our standard service offering, designed to identify and rectify potential issues before they escalate.

The Final Word on PTO Excellence

A PTO system from us isn't just a component; it's a comprehensive solution designed for the long haul. A properly installed and maintained PTO from our range is more than a tool—it's a cornerstone of your fleet's operational capability.

Let's Connect

Engage with our PTO specialists today, and take the first step towards transforming your fleet into a powerhouse of efficiency and reliability. We're here to guide you through every aspect of the selection, installation, and maintenance process. Call 1300 1 HOSES or email us at

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