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PTO Speed Increase Gearbox Only, Up To 60lpm 20kw Input

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Hydraulic Pto 20kw Gearbox Only 3:1 Speed Increase 7100 series
This sale is for a Brand new P.T.O speed increase gearbox rated to 20KW / 27HP input.
If you require a hydraulic attachment to run off your tractor but don't have enough hydraulic flow available, this may be the answer. Match up a pump with the correct flow rate, add an oil reservoir & you have a hydraulic power source. In the image below is a power/flow chart to help choose a gear pump. This gearbox is rated for a maximum of 20 kW hydraulic power internal stress will cause the gearbox to fail prematurely.
The gearboxes are used mainly for connecting hydraulic pumps to the power take-offs of agricultural tractors ( Male 6T 1 3/8” shafts). PTO output, standardised at either 540 or 1,000 rpm, is, in this way, increased to optimum operating speeds for the hydraulic pumps. At 540 Rpm, the output speed is 1620 RPM
Used to power hydraulic Auger, front-end loaders, mowers, rotary sweepers etc.
There are a choice of three configurations below. Also a choice of 'Spline' coupler. These gearboxes only take Group 2 or Group 3 DIN mount pumps. Please see the chart, & then our pump listings. This 7000 series will only produce a maximum of 60 LPM @ 175 Bar / 2600 psi. For more flow or power, please see our larger 50HP gearbox.

This step-up gearbox has a ratio of 3:1 with a Group 3 Din Mount 1:8 tapered shaft gear pump.
at 540rpm the gearbox will produce 1620 rpm, giving a flow rate of litres per min; these are examples (other incremental pump sizes available,) Please note; This gearbox is rated for a maximum of 20 kW hydraulic power. If you oversize the pump, & run at a higher pressure than is stated in the chart below, internal stress will cause the gearbox to fail prematurely. No warranty if large cc pumps are run at pressures over what is in the chart below.

Watch this video of how a Speed Increase PTO was adapted to the rear of a Tractor's PTO to run a larger flow Gear pump to power a hydraulic motor for a Harvester

Model type E7000
Please use Universal Tractor transmission Oil. ie. Mobil Fluid 422 (non foaming agent)
Construction = Alloy & steel gears
Weight 9.7 kg
Please call 0755631 982, or send us a question for different pump configurations and costings.
contact us at;

DM$ 17/05/23


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