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PTO Speed Increase Gearbox With Hydraulic Pump Italian Made Quality Up To 35 Lpm

PTO 6000Series 10KW
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This Brand new Italian-made P.T.O gearbox and pump assembly are ideal for adding power to tractors and landscape equipment not already equipped with hydraulic circuits. Used to power hydraulic Auger, front-end loaders, mowers, rotary sweepers, etc.
These aluminium gearbox housings and hardened steel internal gears are used mainly for connecting hydraulic pumps to the power take-offs of agricultural tractors.
The standardised PTO output of either 540 or 1,000 rpm, is, in this way, increased to optimum operating speeds for the hydraulic pumps. This gearbox and pump offer either direct or remote mounting options to the tractor P.T.O to provide independent hydraulic service.

Watch this video of how a Speed Increase PTO was adapted to the rear of a Tractor's PTO to run a larger flow Gear pump to power a hydraulic motor for a Harvester

This comes with standard Female 1-3/8" 6 splined shafts generic to most PTO output shafts.(photos) If your shaft has ' grooves', there is an Optional Shaft "Quick release" coupler available for an extra $40. Also available at no extra cost is a Male shaft. There is the option of a few other couplers so feel free to ask or send photos for confirmation.
This step-up gearbox has a ratio of 3:1 which means, if your PTO is spinning at 540 RPM, it will step up the speed to 1620RPM.
There are a variety of pump sizes to choose from, please see the drop box next to the photos. All are the same price. The main considerations in choosing the correct size pump for your application are the amount of Oil Flow and the pressure required.
As the need for higher pressure (PSI) is increased, the power required to produce this pressure also rises. It is easy to pump fluid at a high flow rate if low psi is required, but it takes a lot of HP to pump high flow rates at high PSI pressures.
Please refer to our chart below, & feel free to message or call with any queries. We also supply reusable field fit hydraulic hose fittings hose and & any hydraulic valves or adaptors you require.
Please note. This size Gearbox is rated to 10KW power internally, you must look at Flow/Psi/KW chart to ensure you do not over-spec this set-up.
40 Lpm @ 1800 psi is the most flow, the pressure this size gearbox can reliably sustain. Warranty is void if run at over 1800Psi with a pump larger than 20cc. If more flow is required, please check our next size-up gearbox

PLEASE NOTE BELOW All Hydraulic pumps typically have a 20% efficiency loss factor. The numbers supplied below are gross figures, please take 20% for the correct PM
Please call (07) 5563 1982, or send us a question for different pump configurations and costings.
or email us at
90W Gearbox OIL; Please use Universal Tractor Transmission Oil. ie. Mobil Fluid 422 (non-foaming agent)
We carry many types of adaptors, threads, hydraulic hose, and field fit hose fittings available please see our other listings or contact us for great prices & service.

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