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Portable Power Air Driven High Pressure Hydraulic Pump 10000 PSI 2 m Hose & Coupler

EAOH24 + Hose/Couplers
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Mr M S Stock wrote "Fantastic. Solid build."

Brett from Hamilton Vic. Great Product, fast delivery, Thanks

Supply this pump with 100 PSI of compressed air and it will generate up to 10,000 PSI Hydraulic Oil pressure to actuate or operate any single acting implement or attachment.

This a popular upgrade from the slow manual single acting hand pumps, used by Auto Body Repair Shops, Mechanical & Fabrication shops as well as in the field by mechanics to more quickly Press, Pull, Push and Pry Apart and by Boiler makers to Punch, Bend, Shear, Cut or Twist materials using specialist High Pressure Hydraulic cylinders, rams and attachments.

Safe for mining environments, and or other situations when electricity and possible sparks are prohibited.

Applications include

High pressure supply for scissor lifts for lifting cars and motor cycles.

Supplying cylinders attachments in collision repair shops and Auto body frame pulling machines and racks.

Clamping cylinders in fabrication Workshops.

Pipe and tube Benders

Frame straighteners in auto collision centers.

Spreading attachments in mechanical workshops

Axle correction in trucks buses and other transport equipment

Suspension and alignment workshops.

Depending on the size of Jacking Cylinder used and the air pressure supplied you can generate massive lifting or pressing forces.

Torque Multipliers in oil, gas and mining equipment applications.

Bolt tensioners and nut splitters

Cable crimpers and terminations for electrical, marine, fencing and safety barriers.

Bridge Jacking.

This is what a happy customer Mr M S Stock wrote about our ENGMATTEC ultra high pressure 10,000 psi 680 bar portable power unit, pump, hose assembly and screw together couplers after he took delivery of it in March 2020, he Wrote "Fantastic. Solid build."

This ENGMATTEC Pump uses the principal of Intensification to generate 10,000 PSI of oil pressure with only 120 PSI of Compressed air.

If you want to modify your existing press hoses to fit this air operated pump please see the following video. Video Time Stamps

1:02 Unboxing, Pump Hose and Couplings,

2:05 Assembly and Testing

4:25 Filling with hydraulic oil and Priming pump

7:05 Pressure Testing on 50 Ton Capacity press.

8:15 Using the Pump to press on a small bearing

8:56 Fun with a 50 ton press

Widely Used by Auto body shops, Panel Beaters, frame straighteners, Suspension shops, Hydraulic presses, Mechanical Workshops, Car jacks, Scissor Lifts, Rescue equipment, Torque Multipliers, Punches , Shears Expanders and Cutters.

Pull cylinders for structural steel, panel beating, automotive repairs, ship building and cable or tower tensioning

This is a Quality unit Built with an all metal pump assembly, heavy duty seals, and a large 2.3 liter oil tank made from impact resistant ABS plastic.

This unit is also fully rebuildable with parts kit readily available at reasonable prices.

Unique features include.

  • Vary the air in pressure in vary oil out pressure (minimum 60 PSI)
  • Hand or Foot operation
  • The units comes with a two meter long Ultra high pressure hose rated to 17,000 psi working pressure complete with a male high pressure couplers and bend restrictors for longer hose life.
  • Oil level sight glass in tank wall
  • 3 in one filler breather transport cap.
  • Larger than average impact resistant Hydraulic oil tank with 2.3 liters capacity
  • Compatible and interchangeable with the majority of tooling manufactured for of by a large range of other air hydraulic pump manufacturers such as Fleet-Hydrol, Durapac, Enerpac, Simplex, SPX, Power Team, Porta Power, Porto power, Power ram, for all High pressure Pressing Bending Lifting Pulling Torque Multipliers Tensioning requirements.
  • Operation, Simple foot pedal or hand operation
  • Unit has a Simple three stage pedal operation, UP, HOLD, RELEASE.
  • Push forward pump starts to generate flow and pressure
  • Pedal to middle position pumps stops and holds the pressure and or load
  • Press Back and pressure is released and load is dropped or removed.
  • Provision for mounting to any surface using appropriate length self tapping screws.
  • Unique breather / transport cap.
  • Ergonomically designed aluminium foot pedal (can also be hand actuated)
  • Powder coated steel tank cover.


This Single-speed pump, simple operation and easily portable due to its lightweight, compact design. Pump output pressure can be easily adjusted by adjusting air input pressure with an air pressure regulator (also available from this Store) , for example
125 PSI compressed air input = 10,000 PSI oil pressure output,
62 PSI compressed air input = 5,000 PSI oil pressure output.
Air consumption at 100 Psi = 339 litres per minute.

Invest in this unique intensifying pump with confidence, we are a long established Hydraulic Service Center, your new acquisition will come with a 12 month warranty and an Australian Tax Invoice.

  • Single-speed pump, used to operate single acting High Pressure Cylinders and tooling.

We can also supply Compressed Air Filter Regulators Lubricators, please see our online store.

Air pressure regulator with Filter and Lubricator

This product is compatible with a wide-range of tooling and accessories from such brands as Fleet-Hydrol, Durapac, Enerpac, Power Team, and Porta Power

***Please note that this unit does not ship with oil; you will need to add 2.5 liters of ISO 32 or 46 hydraulic / or light machine oil to the tank to operate the pump ***

Air Supply Reservoir Oil Weight
Required Port (lbs.) (kg)
(psi) (bar) Capacity Usable (in.)
(cu. in.) (Lt) (cu. in.) (Lt)
40-120 3 to 8 146 2.4 140 2.3 3/8 NPT 15.2 6.9
Item Total Height Pedal Height Tank height Length Width Mounting Hole Centers
Number (in.) (mm) (in.) (mm) (in.) (mm) (in.) (mm) (in.) (mm) (in.) (mm)
W-DA3 8.07 205 6.02 153 4.65 118 12.4 315 6.89 175 5.2 x 10.6 132 x 270

***Please note that this unit does not come with oil; will require 2.5 liters of hydraulic/light machine oil to operate***


ENGMATTEC is a registered trademark

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