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Proportional Radio Remote Control PWM 8 or 12 Functions IP66

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This is a great quality, great value Proportional Flex EPH Radio Remote Control System for your Hydraulic Project.
It is designed for precise control of hydraulic equipment fitted with proportional PWM & Current outputs
Ideal for use with truck cranes & many other hydraulic valves where the need to be able to
control speed is essential. The push buttons are step less, ie press softly for slow function response
speed will increase the harder you press the buttons.
The button is tested to be durable with 5 million presses or more.
Please note, to use a proportional remote control means you must have a valve or device that has proportional coils.
Proportional Control Valves in hydraulics mean high cost.
We do sell proportional valves. This remote is set for PWM output or current outputs (on/off).
PWM output 0-100%. Current output rating 0-3 amps
AA Batteries give 100 hours of usage. The transmitter has internal dip switches that
allow it to be set to auto-sleep after, 10min, 30mins or 60mins if required.
Transmitter & Receiver enclosures are IP66 Rated, and the output cables are UL94-V0 rated.
Full compliance with European safety standards FCC Part 15 rules
It is embedded with a Zero-G sensor guard that protects against unwanted inputs if the transmitter is dropped.
You receive both the receiver & one transmitter
It comes with wiring leads.
There are many programming options. These are able to be done by us,
or in the field if required, using either Dip Switches or by using the digital screen function on the receiver.
If using a remote in the vicinity of other remotes etc, it has an Unassigned channel scheme,
where by it will grab an uninterrupted channel at every start-up. Alternatively, it can be set to a particular channel.
The user can install an external warning device, ie horn or lights, etc, to wire 11 if required.
Optional Transmitter Padded Casing With Shoulder Strap and lanyards.
It also allows even more speed fine-tuning via Handpiece adjustment.
You are able to slow button speed to 25%, 50%, etc.
These are very high-quality items, made in Taiwan, renowned for the highest quality
electronics such as Silicone chips & computer processors.
Plug & play wiring looms are available on request (additional cost applies).
These controllers can be programmed at Hydraulic. Online to achieve different requirements.

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