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Remote Control Unit 4 To 12 Functions Ip66

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The Flex ECO wireless control system provides a cost-effective solution to the restrictive use
of hardwired pendants. These durable and rugged radio Remote Control Units
are ideal for use in lifting applications including chain hoists and small cranes.
The ergonomic and lightweight transmitter is available in 4, 6, 8, and 12-button options.
This unit is an On/Off type, we have proportional remotes in other listings.
Replacement handpiece transmitter replacements are always in stock in case of loss.
Two AA batteries are enough for 100 hours of normal operation.
Contents included in this remote control Kit :
1 transmitter, 1 receiver with premounted 1.3 m output cable, receiver mounting bracket,
spare fuses, pushbuttons label, 2 AA alkaline batteries, owner's manual, diagram of settings.
Ideal for use with tilt tray trucks & many other hydraulic valves
Transmitter & Receiver enclosures are IP66 Rated,
You receive both the receiver & the transmitter.
Field programmable via dip switches. All units are supplied with a rubber guard.
It comes with wiring leads.
There are many programming options.
Sensitivity: -116 dBm
Antenna: internal (standard), optionally external (50 Ω, TNC connector)
Relays: 3 A / 250 VAC
Supply voltage (± 10%): 12-24 VDC, 24/42/48 VAC, 110/230/380/450 VAC
Consumption: 8 resp. 22 W
Optical indication: LEDs
Connection: mounted and connected 1.3 m output cable
Cable entry: cable clamp
Fuses and fuses: 2 fuses for receiver supply (value according to the supply voltage),
5 A fuse for the MAIN relay, common 5 A fuse for each 4 switching relays
Working temperature: -25°C/+75°C
Protection: IP66 (NEMA 4)
Mounting: metal bracket
Receiver Flex ECO 4, 6: 196×149×85 mm, 1,5 kg (with cable)
Receiver Flex ECO 8, 12: 260×204×83 mm, 2,5 kg (with cable)
These are very high-quality items, made in Taiwan, renowned for the highest
quality electronics such as Silicone chips & computer processors.
These controllers can be programmed at Hydraulic. Online to achieve different requirements

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