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Spiral Wrap Coloured Hose and Cable Protection 20 meter Box Many Sizes

Colour R20
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Spiral Wrap is a cheap and simple method to Protect and Extend the life
of Hydraulic or Pneumatic Hoses and Electrical Cables.
Spiral wrap is regularly also used by operators and technicians
to neatly bundle multiple hoses and cables together,
Designed for simple installation in the field, without the need to disconnect hoses, pipelines, or cables.
Made in Australia from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Spiral Wrap will withstand
Sun, Sand, Water and Oil at temperatures from -40 to Plus 138°C.
Certified MHSA (Mine Safety Health Administration) and FRAS (Fire Resistant
Anti-Static) Available in various sizes and colors

OD mm ID mm Length (meters) Size/Box (CM) Weight/Box (Kg)
HYD-9 7 25 .38 x .38 x .13 3.98
HYD-12 10 50 .38 x .38 x .13 2.56
HYD-16 13 20 .38 x .38 x .13 2
HYD-20 17 20 .38 x .38 x .13 2.3
HYD-25 21 20 .38 x .38 x .13 3
HYD-32 27 20 .38 x .38 x .20 4.1
HYD-40 35 20 .38 x .38 x .34 5.85
HYD-40 35 50 .58 x .58 x .34 14.65
HYD-50 45 20 .58 x .58 x .20 8.84
HYD-63 58 20 .58 x .58 x .34 13.5
HYD-75 69 20 .75 x .78 x .36 17
HYD-90 82 20 .75 x .78 x .36 20.45
HYD-110 100 12 .75 x .78 x .36 17.8

As a general rule if sized correctly you need to allow 20% more wrap length than the length of the product you are wrapping.
for example, if you want to wrap a 10 m length of 20 mm OD Hose you will generally need 12 M of 20 mm Wrap.

This is a top-quality product we have installed on thousands of hoses in our daily work.
Many choose to use our brand ENGMATTEC as it is simply the best.
Check the outside diameter of your hose to choose the correct fit.
This hose protection will suit most types of hydraulic hoses correctly.
(Also available in 50 mt boxes in some sizes)
Please call us for inside diameter sizes from 9 mm up to 160 mm
Spiral Hose Wrap is also known as Spiral Safety Guard, Hose Guard, Cable Wrap, Cable Protection, or Tidy Wrap.
16 mm to suit a 1/4" Inside Diameter ID hydraulic Hose or a cable with an Outside diameter from 13 to 16mm
20 mm to suit a 3/8" ID hydraulic Hose or a cable with an Outside diameter of 17 to 20mm
25 mm to suit a 1/2" ID hydraulic Hose or a cable with an Outside diameter from 21 to 25mm
32 mm to suit a 3/4" ID hydraulic Hose or a cable with an Outside diameter from 27 to 32mm
40 mm to suit 1" ID hydraulic Hose or a cable with an Outside diameter from 35 to 40mm
Please call us QLD Time on 07 5563 1982 for sizes from 9 mm up to 110 mm on LQD

Phone: 07 5563 1982
Hours: 8 am to 4 pm Monday - Friday, excluding public holidays
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us
Best regards, Hydraulic.Online
Improper Selection
, Installation, Implementation, And/Or Operation By Anyone Other Than Persons With Appropriate Technical And Mechanical Training Can Result In Damage To Equipment Or Property, Serious Personal Injury, Or Death. Proper Precautions And Safety Procedures Should Be Implemented Prior To The Installation And Operation Of Equipment.

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