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Stainless Steel Precision Pressure Gauge 63mm 2.5"

SPG 63
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Product Details

Precision Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge made in Germany by Wika for the Stauff Corporation
This model comes in a large variety of pressure ranges.
It is a 63mm, 2-1/2" Diameter gauge with a 1/4"BSPP stem (standard for most gauges). bottom mount
0 -16 BAR /240 PSI
0 - 25 BAR /375 PSI
0 - 40 BAR / 600 PSI
0 - 60 BAR / 850 PSI
0 - 100 BAR / 1450 PSI
0 - 250 BAR / 3600 PSI
0 - 315 BAR / 4800 PSI
0 - 400 BAR / 5800 PSI
0 -600 BAR / 8600 psi
0 - 1000 BAR /15,000 psi
We can supply -1 (vacuum) up to 1000 bar / 14500. Please call us for other readings.
Also available are 100 mm diameter gauges, as well as panel mount, 1/4" NPT & 1/2" threads.
This is a liquid-filled Bourdon tube pressure gauge.
It is constructed with a case made from stainless steel and wetted parts from copper alloy.
This model meets the requirements of the international industry standard EN 837-1 for Bourdon tube pressure gauges.
As the stainless steel case of this gauge is liquid filled, the pressure element and movement are efficiently damped. Therefore, these instruments are particularly suited to measuring pressure at points with high dynamic loads, such as fast load cycles or vibrations.
Analogue Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge SPG
These pressure gauges can be used in both stationary and portable devices.
STAUFF Gauges are Ideal for a broad range of system pressures and adhere to the strict requirements for precision with a variety of pressure gauge types with different measuring ranges. Area of Application
Mechanical pressure measurement
Suitable for hydraulic oil and gaseous media
compatible with copper-based alloys
Designed for permanent installations
Pressure gauge according to German Standard EN 837-1
Technical Data
63 mm
Stainless Steel (1.4301) housing
Acrylic sight glass
styles of Scales
PSI/bar (PSI outside/ bar inside)
Process Connection
for BSP (G1/4)
SPG-063: 1.6 (± 1.6 % FS* as per German Standard EN 837-1)
Permissible Temperatures
Ambient: -20 °C ... +60 °C / -4 °F ... +140 °F
Media: max. +60 °C / max. +140 °F
Protection Ratings
IP 65: for all manometer
SPG 063 > 25 bar / 362 PSI
IP 54: for all manometer SPG 063
< 25 bar /362 PSI due to pressure
compensation opening


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