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Thread Sealant, Hydraulic High Strength, High-Pressure Tita Seal USA Made

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Titaseal 3577 Thread Sealant
Titaseal 3577 thread sealant is a single-component anaerobic thread sealing compound, which is thixotropic and develops medium to high strength.

The product cures between close-fitting metal parts where there is an absence of air.
We have been field-testing Tita Seal 3577 in our daily hydraulic fitting business with excellent results.

First, we bench-tested freshly fitted tapered threads up to 5000 psi on our test bench.
No leaks & within 5 minutes of fitting! Next, all three of our service trucks were stocked.
After 5 years of usage, there have been no failures.
Please note, on the tubes, it does state a max of 2000 kpa.
We stand by our results, but we do have other, more expensive sealants available if you have any doubts.
Typical Applications
Marine fittings
Hydraulic fittings
Temperature Range: -0 to +150
Plumbing fittings

Tita Seal 3577 is Suitable for the following Fluids
+ aviation fuel
+ benzene
+ benzoic acid
+ boric acid
+ brake fluid
+ bunker fuel
+ butyl alcohol
+ butylene glycol
+ ethanol
+ ethyl acetate
+ ethyl acrylate
+ ethylene glycol
+ glycerine
+ heptane
+ hydraulic oil
+ hydrogen cyanide
+ kerosene
+ methanol
+ methylethylketone
+ mineral oil
+ octane
+ paraffin, liquid
+ perchlorethylene
+ petroleum
+ styrene
+ sulphur dioxide
+ toluol
+ trichloroethylene
+ turpentine oil
+ urea, a.s.
+ water
+ xylol

Tita Seal 3577 is Suitable for the following Gases

+ acetylene
+ argon
+ butane
+ carbon dioxide
+ ethane
+ ethylene
+ exhaust gas
+ methane
+ natural gas
+ nitrogen
+ nitrous oxide
+ oxygen
(up to 30 bar,
60 degrees C)
+ propane

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