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Toro W320-D and W323 Replacement Twin Hydraulic Pump

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Toro W320-D And W323 Twin (Double) Hydraulic Pump
The Toro was designed with Independent power that can be supplied to an attachment or to the wheels. Its 2-pump (Twin or Tandem Pump) system has a combined flow of 56 Litres per minute (14 GPM) at 3,600 rpm.

The suction ports are 1-1/16" UNO and the pressure ports are 7/8" UNO

Independent Hydraulic power to wheels and implements allows you the operator to apply smooth controllable power where you need the power to get the job done as well as not relying on one pump for shared power.

Depending on your machine's history of where and how it has been used, (operating conditions), maintenance history (oil and air filter changes), and the number of operating hours, pump wear will eventually result in a drop in performance.

If your machine is starting to move slower, does not have the same pushing power, is not lifting the bucket as fast, and the attachments don't rotate at the same speed or have the same grunt then this replacement Pump is probably the fix you and your machine require.

This is a high-quality tandem pump designed to fit straight into your Toro W320-D diesel or W323 petrol mini loader.

Please Note. depending on your machine's history of operating conditions, maintenance and filter changes, and the total number of operating hours, pump wear will cause machine performance to drop.

The suction ports are 1-1/16" UNO and the pressure ports are 7/8" UNO

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