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Turbo Head and Rotor Nozzle Driver, Drain Cleaning & Root Cutting

TH + Driver 21Lt
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Brand: Hydraulic.Online
Drain Clearing and cleaning Rotor Nozzle Turbo Head and multi Jet Driver.

Available in 5,000 psi Full Stainless Steel including driver jets with a flow of 21 Liters per minute,
or 3,600 psi Forged brass Turbo Head with Stainless Driver Jets with a water flow of 21 Liters per Minute.

If your machine generates more or less flow and pressure than these nozzles please Check the
Nozzle Size Quick Selection Chart of Flow Versus Pressure at the bottom of this listing and then contact us with your requirements.

Consists of a Rotor Nozzle (Turbo Head) and Driver (Propulsion Jets)

The Turbo Driver has a zero-degree ceramic nozzle that spins at up to 3,000 RPM creating a cone of high pressure water
which maximises the surface area it is able to clear.

It produces enough cutting force to blast through roots & scale.
The Stainless Steel Driver utilises 5 backwards facing jets to propel the turbo driver through the drain
as well as clearing debris back away from the head.

The Turbo Head and Rotor Nozzle Driver create a perfect combination for drilling through
blockages making it ideal for clearing drains of compacted dirt and roots and shredding tissue & fat deposits.

How a Turbo Drain Clearing Nozzle and Driver work together to clean and clear blocked or dirty drains.
Supply an appropriate jetting hose with 3,000 to 5,000 PSI (200 to 340 bar) of water at a flow of 21 litres per minute and the Turbo Water blasting Nozzle produces a forward cleaning cone of high pressure water.

At the same time the Rear Mounted Stainless steel Driver with 5 or 6 nozzles produces enough thrust to drive or push the head forward as well as pull the high pressure water supply hose through a drain.

The turbo head can also be removed from the driver and used for pressure cleaning thus giving it a dual role.

We have seen turbo heads used to very effectively remove marine growth from recreational marine vessels
Mud and Dirt from all off-road vehicles as well as for cleaning concrete hardstands, car parks, and driveways.

Maximum Pressure 350 BAR (5,000 psi)

For more information on selecting the correct Jetter nozzle please check out the chart below it provides some insight into pressure , flow and recommended jet (nozzle) sizing.

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7.30 AM to 3.45PM Monday to Friday QLD time.

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