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Wood Log Splitter Pump 21 Gpm / 80 Lpm Cast Iron 15hp

CBT 15.2/7.6
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Brand: Hydraulic.Online

Hi-Lo Log Splitter Pump, to suit 15 Hp engine approx 80Lpm @ 3500Rpm
This is a high-quality, cast iron hydraulic log splitter pump.

This pump is a Hi-Lo unit, which means it closes your blade quickly, then produces maximum PSI to split the wood. It is rated to 3600RPM max. This pump requires a minimum of 15 HP

NOTE; Petrol, Diesel engines stated HP is taken at the flywheel, you need to take 25% of the stated figure for true HP
Hi, Lo two stage pumps are by far the best option for log-splitting setups. Their ‘Magic’ is that you can achieve much higher PSI & flows( = speed & max tonnage!), with little HP compared to a regular hydraulic pump.

Hi, Lo hydraulic pumps operate in two modes. When there is no load (on the return stroke), they pump a larger volume at low pressure and move the cylinder back quickly. When the ram hits the wood the pressure increases and the pump switches to high pressure / low flow mode.

A hi-lo pump speeds up the whole cycle process due to the fact that most of the time, the cylinder is moving with little or no load, which requires less power & less force to move the splitting ram. This pump requires a minimum of 15 HP. If not enough HP is available, the pump will not be capable of making high enough PSI, which in turn creates the high tonnage required.

Tonnage will be determined by the Bore size of your ram, for example, a 4" bore ram will produce 16 tonnes @ 3000 psi, whilst a 5" bore ram will produce 26 tonnes @ 3000 psi

This Hi Lo pump will produce approx 80Lpm @ 3500Rpm
1" BSP Suction port
3/4" BSP tapered pressure port.
The shaft is a 5/8"
2 Bolt SAE mount

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