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Hydraulic Log Splitter

One of the simplest hydraulic devices is a log splitter, they can be manually operated or driven by the use of small petrol or electric motor. These units contain all the parts of a hydraulic system and make splitting wood for the winter a much easier operation than the old methods.

Petrol or Electric Driven Hydraulic Log Splitter

These are easy to use and most commonly powered by a four-stroke gasoline engine which makes them compact and easily portable. With both the electric and gasoline models the engine is attached directly to the hydraulic oil pump and corresponding controls.

The hydraulic pump provides a controllable stream of high-pressure hydraulic oil that is fed to a control valve that allows the operator to turn it on and off as required while placing the logs inside the apparatus and closing it safely, before activating it and allowing the mechanism to split logs.

Upon activation, the log splitter splits logs effortlessly into totally uniform sizes that make them easy to handle and stack neatly.

Most gasoline-powered log splitters have a two-stage hydraulic pump and a splitting force rated at least at 20 tons.

The two-stage hydraulic pump has two pumping sections and uses a valve that can detect the internal pressure and cut between the two sections as required during the splitting operation.

  • First Stage

In the first stage of the pumping operation when you are actually splitting the log it generates the maximum pressure rate and low flow rate to split the log

  • Second Stage

After the log is split the pressure is reduced and the valve switches over to the high-volume, low-pressure phase to remove the splitting head from the log. As this part requires little force, but it should happen quickly, there is no need to use the high-pressure rate and low flow rate

Manually Operated Log Splitter

This usually involves having a heavy frame with a self-contained hydraulic device such as a lifting jack inside. These devices are very portable and relatively light as well as also compact for easy storage.

10 tone Hydraulic Log Splitter

These robust heavy-duty log splitters are manually worked using long handles to gain the optimum leverage. With a force of up to 10 tons of splitting power, it takes much of the hard work out of splitting logs as thick as 180cm (6 ½ in) thick and 500cm (18 in) long.


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