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Hydraulic Motor

Hydraulic motors are designed to convert hydraulic energy or the power contained in flowing liquid (hydraulic oil) to a mechanical rotation force. The rotational speed of a hydraulic motor can be adjusted by making changes and controlling the liquid flow that they receive.

The torque or power that a hydraulic motor is able to deliver depends on the inlet and outlet pressure differences and the way an operator controls the valves. Hydraulic motors are available in vane, gear or piston types with fixed or variable displacements available depending or the application.

Vane type Hydraulic Motors

Vane motors can be of the low-speed and high torque type that operates with a relatively high capacity to produce their high torque output at low speeds or they can be the medium speed type vane motor which is similar to a pressure balanced vane pump and operates with a much smaller capacity.

Gear Type Hydraulic Motors

These types of hydraulic motors come in two types, the external type and internal type.

  • External type

These are simple, inexpensive, lightweight, compact and can produce a relatively high rotation speed

  • Internal type

These compact, inexpensive types of hydraulic motor can operate at high torque ranges at low speeds

Piston Type Hydraulic Motors

These types of hydraulic motor come in axial and radial styles, they can be operated with a fixed or variable displacement at low, medium or high speeds using a sash plate or bent axis.

  • Piston Motor with a Fixed or Variable Displacement and Bent Axis

These are suitable for high speed operation and allow for up to a 40 degree bent axis angle

  • Swash Plate Hydraulic Piston Motor

This type of hydraulic motor can supply a good performance at startup with low speeds

  • Eccentric Radial Hydraulic Piston Motor

These use several fixed cylinders in a radial pattern on the output shaft to push cams on the main shaft to produce torque at low speeds

  • Multi Stroke Radial Hydraulic Piston Motor

This type of hydraulic motor utilizes a cam roller and piston placed in the same direction of the shaft and cam where the piston moves on the cam to produce the required torque. Because it can provide a larger displacement capacity and more torque than any other type of hydraulic motor’s these types of motors are commonly used in applications that require a lot of torque such as winches, crushing machines and presses.

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Hydraulic Motor Repair

We also offer Hydraulic Motor Repair service. Our engineering work shop is equipped with the latest technologies to ensure our Hydraulic Motor Repair Service provides the best and fastest service possible. With full testing and diagnostic abilities we can accurately discover the exact problems before devising the most effective and cost efficient repair plan for your faulty hydraulic motor.