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Every Part and Component You Could Ever Want For Hydraulic Hose Assemblies

Looking for specific parts and components for hydraulic hose assemblies? Look no further. Our inventory includes hose fittings and adapters, all readily available for order online. We’ll deliver right to your doorstep, anywhere in Australia. Already know what you need?

We're Knee Deep In The Stuff!

We’ve been involved in repairing and creating hydraulic hoses for a good 17 years. Finding parts used to be simple, but waiting for them to arrive took ages. By 2010, locating parts became easy, but getting the right ones turned into a challenge.

To help mechanics, truck drivers, and business owners who need speedy solutions, we put our expertise to work and set up an online shop. Our goal is to provide you with the exact items you need, pronto.

It's Awesome To Have All The Parts We Need Ready, and For Folks Like You To Browse Our Inventory As Well.

We'll Help You Find What You Need

For nearly two decades we’ve  sorted  out  all   the bits  and pieces  for every  type  of hydraulic hose you can think of. Weve got a team of 9 legends up in Nerang who have gained valuable experience from getting their hands dirty sourcing, trialing, repairing and manufacturing parts and hoses for more hydraulic machines than you probably knew existed.

  • Weve tested the parts that look it looked right, but don’t didn’t fit.

  • Weve ordered the components that had according to the right specifications on the box… but it didn’t fit in the real world.

These are two of the problems and expenses you don’t have to deal with. Simply let us know what you need, and we’ll get you the right part.

What If It's Out of Stock or Discontinued?

No worries, we can make it for you. Over the years, we’ve often struggled to find the right parts or components for hoses, so we began producing small parts ourselves. This quickly evolved into a full-fledged manufacturing branch that operates daily, producing high-quality parts from premium materials.

Think your component or part isn’t made anymore? No problem. Give us a call at 07 5563 1982.

Alternatively, drop us an email here. We’ll verify and recommend suitable alternatives that won’t cause any issues.

Nagging Problems Can Have Quick Solutions

If you’re struggling with a problematic hose or part that’s affecting your efficiency or posing a safety risk, it’s time to take action. Don’t hesitate to get help if your:

  • Hose has become stiff, hardened, or developed internal cracks.

  • DIY effort didn’t quite cut it, leading to poor insertion depth.

  • Hose can no longer meet the recommended bend radius or has corroded tubing.

  • Hose fittings are leaking or damaged.

  • Hose is experiencing excessive abrasion or kinking.

  • System pressure is causing issues.

  • Or anything else…

You’ve found us, and now it’s time to resolve your problem for good.

Put Down And Switch Off The Stoneage Equipment

Picture how much faster and more seamless your days will be once your hydraulic equipment is running at full capacity again.

Whether it’s your excavator, backhoe, bobcat, or something else, wouldn’t it be great to have it fully operational again?

Quality Guarantees On All Hoses

If we fix your hose you’re covered by a strong guarantee. We don’t mess around when it comes to hydraulic hoses.

Our hoses come with:

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Our Guarantee

Keep This in Mind: In the rare event that we suggest the wrong part, don’t fret. We’ll promptly get you the correct one, no questions asked.

We not only guarantee the right part but also the best possible prices.

Since we sell loads of these parts weekly, we purchase and even produce them in large quantities. This enables us to offer you discounts of up to 50%.

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