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Hydraulic Double Acting Hand Pump

This robust Italian made hydraulic hand pump has been designed specifically as a compact pressure unit to supply oil flow at pressure to your rams & cylinders . It can be used on any mobile machinery that is used intermittently such as those found on Ramps on trucks, trays on low loaders, Camper van or camper trailer leveling or any other mobile hydraulic circuit requiring a low flow rate. This Unit is capable of generating up to 350 Bar (5250 PSI) Pressure at a flow of 2 liters per minute, so is more than capable of lifting very heavy loads. There is an option of smaller pumps, 12cc or 25cc. Please contact us for these, or you will receive the default 45cc pump.

This is a quality pump Manufactured in Italy to very high standards. These are also available in Single acting formats & also Remote units allowing you to mount/use alternate oil tank elsewhere
  • Power Rating '1 Manpower!'
  • Pump size; 45cc ( 12cc or 25cc available)
  • Flow approx 2 liters Minute at 170 Bar (2500 PSI)
  • Max Pressure up to 350 BAR (5250 PSI)
  • Pressure relief valve , adjustable from 40 - 350 BAR
  • Ports 9/16 UNO
  • ...Liter capacity Oil tank.
  • Flexible Mounting Positions can be mounted Horizontally or Vertically

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