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In this modern day and age, using a tilt tray truck to move and deliver vehicles, machinery and heavy loads safely is not only efficient, it also yields plenty of benefits you might not be aware of. 

This special type of tow truck removes the need for a boom or a crane to load the equipment when it comes to traditional tow trucks. A tilt tray truck utilises a hydraulic system that can easily tilt and slide the movable tilt tray when necessary, which makes loading and unloading heavy objects quickly and efficiently.

So, what is a tilt tray truck, and how does it work? 

In this guide, you will learn all about how a tilt tray truck operates, the hydraulic valves behind its operation and why you should consider a remote control system for efficient tilt tray truck operation.

What is a Tilt Tray Truck?  

A tilt tray truck is also known as a rollback, slide, or a flatbed truck, and is preferred by many as a large towing vehicle. 

The flatbed on a tilt tray truck is not fixed onto the truck’s chassis, and is thus a movable tray that can reach the ground and carry your desired load such as a vehicle or heavy equipment instead of dragging it. 

The movement of the flatbed relies on a hydraulic system that includes high-pressure hydraulic pumps, motors, and cylinders to load and slide a vehicle onto the truck.

However, the tilt tray industry, in general, is now slowly moving from the manual control of the hydraulic valves (used to direct oil flow to the different hydraulic cylinder and motor functions for tilt tray movement) to safer and more efficient radio remote control systems. 

Watch This Video To Learn More About The Radio Remote Control Hydraulic Kit For Tilt Tray Transport Vehicle

At, we specialize in Tilt Tray Truck remote control kits and DIY options to help you operate your tilt tray trucks with ease. 

Operate all or some of your hydraulic functions on your tilt tray or other machinery from a safe distance or from a location with a better view using radio remote transmitter.

Benefits of using a tilt tray truck

So, what are the benefits and instances where you would use a tilt tray truck?

Tilt tray trucks are used to pick up and transport all sorts of equipment and machinery including, cars, earth moving equipment such as skid steer loaders, excavators and rollers, trailers loaded with boats, campers or equipment, empty and full shipping containers, planes (without wings attached) forklifts, and even products packed on pallets or racks. 

Most tilt trays also have a heavy-duty winch with a steel cable to aid or assist in pulling on or lowering off the above-mentioned equipment.  

Using a tilt tray truck to transport your equipment has plenty of benefits, including the following:

1) A tilt tray truck prevents additional damage to your vehicles or equipment

In the event of transporting a damaged vehicle or equipment, choosing a tilt tray truck is the best option to move it safely without causing additional damage. Instead of dragging it along, your delicate vehicle or equipment is  being transported on the flatbed of the tilt tray truck and will be protected from further damage, such as scratches and dents. 

2) Your equipment has no risk of being disconnected during transport

It is not uncommon for heavy equipment to get detached from tow trucks due to faulty hooks, irregular terrain or uneven weight distribution. With tilt tray trucks, you can rest assured that your load will be safe as it rests secure and stationery on the flatbed. There is no risk of having your vehicle or equipment getting detached during transport. 

3) Using a tilt tray truck saves you tons of time

The best thing about using a tilt tray truck is the speedy process of getting your vehicle or equipment ready for transport no matter its position. 

Instead of spending a lot of time maneuvering and moving your load in a certain way for it to be towed, you can use the movable flat bed on a tilt tray truck to transport things without hassle. 

Using a remote control system such as our Tilt Tray Truck Hydraulics Package means your vehicle or equipment can be on the move within minutes.

All the hydraulic parts you need to build a 15,000lb tilt tray. Includes  PTO, Pump, Tank, Oil Filter, Six Cylinders, Winch, Remote Control Flow 5 Spool Valve, High Pressure Hoses and Adaptors, and 8 button Remote,

Why choose remote control for the hydraulic valves of your tilt tray truck

As mentioned earlier, choosing radio remote control over manual lever control of the hydraulic valves used to move the flatbed on tilt tray trucks is not only safer, but if a electro hydraulic valve is selected it also eliminates the need for a separate and somewhat complicated compressed air actuation system. 

This means that you do not need (or if your truck is not fitted with) an air compressor, air tank, air dryers, pressure regulators and lubricators to remove moisture, rust and dust from the air. On top of that, you also do not require flexible air tubing that is susceptible to deterioration and damage over time.

A Modern and Compact Design of Remote Control hydraulic valve that uses the oil from the hydraulic system to move the spools thus eliminating the added complexity of compressed air regulators, actuators, driers and filters.

This in turn has the following advantages:

  • Greatly simplifies and tidies up the hydraulic system’s architecture
  • Speeds up installation and setup
  • Improves reliability and safety

Our most cost-effective valve for remote control package ideal for the operation of tilt tray trucks is the 3 Spool Hydraulic Control Valve 80 Lpm AIR 24 VOLT. If you are after all the hydraulic related parts for a 15,000lb tilt tray, the Tilt Tray Truck Hydraulics package is ideal and can be customized to suit your needs. 

For tilt tray trucks with a car cradle, choose the Tilt Tray 5 Spool Valve Package that comes with a complete radio remote control. This 5 spool Monoblock valve comes with all three of the spools fitted with Electro-Hydraulic Solenoid cartridge valves, and two for your car cradle that are manual actuated only.

Alternatively, if your tilt tray truck is already fitted with a manual lever actuated hydraulic made by David Brown (model Q75) or a Galtech (model Q75), then this DIY Full Remote Control Kit will convert your controls to remote function.

Please note that this is only a parts only kit, in which you will need to install by yourself. Alternatively you can book in to our service centre for our hydraulic technicians to complete the installation for you. 

If you’re looking to increase your efficiency and speed at transporting heavy equipment and vehicles, this Tilt Tray Full Remote Control Kit is just what you’re looking for.